Thursday, April 17, 2008

music appreciation lessons @ The Podium

Sorry for the grainy pics...told you my cam is problematic lately

This is my first time to watch this OPM Soul Child, Julianne...
I can't describe whether I was anxious or excited...maybe a lot of both...I know for a fact that I was babbling when I met her...grabe! awestruck ba?! She's charming, friendly and pretty in person huh...and she was in a green sundress haha
So anyway...back to the music...what da?! akala mo kung sinong expert...haha
She did her sound check first...and I was wondering why she was all alone on woman show pala sya that night...and my friends told me...wait till you hear her with a full band...OMG! goose bumps in anticipation of that! hehe...

I honestly admire people who can play the guitar...more so for women who can sing and strum =P...I don't know maybe because I've associated guitar players to anyone - any female who can sing superbly and play the plus pogi points for them haha

So as I was listening raptly to her sing...I kept on poking my friend's back, sitting in front of me: grabe! ang galing ha! ang galing nya! ... I think I did that more than twice haha...I wasn't attentive to her though coz I was writing down something in my planner and texting friends na ang kukulit hehe...but what was amazing about her music is that it seeps into your consciousness and can't help but really feel her songs...nyahaha too deep ba..haha...and I also like how she connects with her audience through her spiels...I like listening to the stories behind her songs...and yup! her album Grateful has all original compositions...talo nya lolo ko!

Playlist:Blackbird (I associate this to the movie I am Sam starring Sean Penn)Thank You (from her album)Put your records on (Corrine Bailey Rae)Tulak ng bibig..kabig ng dibdib (her famous single and which first attracted me to her music surely) Video (and not radio! hehe, by Indie Arie) Englishwoman in NY (originally Englishman in NY by Sting)Queen in me (I'm beginning to really like this song of hers...ang cute eh!)

After her brief show leaving me wanting for more...she chatted with the audience...had her picture taken with these basketball players - foreigners who dig her music too despite the fact they didn't understand "tulak ng bibig" for sure hehe...had my picture taken with her again...and my new Grateful CD signed together with my planner haha...

I assured Julianne that I will catch another of her gigs and she bid us farewell as rain started pouring that night...So I rate this one woman show of Julianne a 9 out 10 (what more kung full band diba?)

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