Monday, April 7, 2008

thought provoking things they think of...

I've been seeing a lot of survey questions posted by my contacts here in multiply...and what's frustrating is that most of them seem irrelevant to me cause there's no processing or interpretation of the people's answers to the different items...

and the questions/items are just weird for's obvious that there are people who would just talk about ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN to keep a conversation going....

and sorry guys...I don't have the strength or the inclination to answer the questions...maybe just in my head haha...

If you adopted a puppy with two heads, would you give both heads a name?
Does your image of GOD have a white beard?
Do you think gay men are more accepted then gay women?
Do you find it hard to get out of a water bed?
If you HAD to pick up one bad habit (drug, smoking, alcohol etc) what would you choose?
Do you look at your parents as an example of what to become, or who not to be?What's one thing you're parents have done that you've said "i'll never do that to my kids" ?
Can you tell a fake smile from a real smile? I know I can't
If you had the choice of changing ANYTHING on yourself and having it come true, would you sacrifice not talking to your best friend ever again?

Are you scared of people with tattoos on their face? Naku wawa naman yun husband ni Carly sa American Idol ... and she married him huh
Do you think we should be limited to two children?
Do you think divorce should be banned?
When you laugh do you tend to throw your head back or lean forwards?
Do you have any pets & if so are they obnoxious?
Are you a night owl or an early bird?
If you could speak another language what would it be?
If you could, would you rescue all the animals you possibly could?
What do you think of the "Hallmark holidays" (ex: Valentine's Day)?
Do you have a strong opinion on one topic in particular?this seems like on coz it's the 2nd time I think I've blogged about this (this being the survey questions pipol post) haha
Do you always tell the truth even if it hurts the person's feelings?
Do you always tell someone they have something stuck in their teeth? Now this is a classic..what- would-you-do-if-scenario
Would you like to be more in shape? Round?
Ever laugh at the most inappropriate times?
What do you think of people who drink and drive (who have done it more than once)?
Do you think you would be approachable to random people? this one's easy...NO! haha
Do you shop at the dollar store?
What kind of bed do you sleep in? What's with the bed and any sleeping pattern or sexual position questions for that matter?! haha
If you could be sponsored by a company who would you want it to be?
Do you like the honest truth or would you rather be told a lie to make you feel better?
Do you like to sit and people watch?
Do you eat whatever you want or watch what you eat?
If you could have an accent what accent would you want to have?
Does it drive you crazy when people spell simple words wrong? Wahahaha Text spelling!
Do you know anyone that talks so quietly you're always saying "what did you say"?
Do you change everything into dirty thoughts?
If you could spend a whole day doing whatever you wanted to do without any consequences what would you do?
Do you think we'll all eventually get a life or continue to do surveys?
Does South Park sometimes take it too far (Like the Terry Schiavo episode, or jokes about Steve Irwins death)?
Does Family Guy ever make sense or is it just so random it's funny?

Now here are the more-jokes-than-thought-provoking questions:
1.bakit nasa labas brief ni superman?

2.bakit nasa noo ang pakpak ni darna?

3.bakit ang keyboard nde abcdefg… ang

4.ano tagalog ng zero?

5.ano sa tagalog ang toothpaste?

6.bkit kpg tumingin ka sa araw
napapangiti ka?

7.ano english ng bilao?

8.bakit ayaw maligo ng pusa?

9.Ano tagalog ng Refrigerator??

10.bkt ganun ang tawag sa “apart”ment..

11.bakit ang sunny side up hindi

12.pano mo ssbhin sa english ang * may
muta ka *?

13.Pag ang lason na expire, makalalason
pa kaya ito?

14.bkt kaya pag may surprise party
pinagplaplanuhan pa rin ito?
hmmmm bakit nga ba?! hahah
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