Monday, June 23, 2008

The Call by Regina Spektor (OST Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian)

you know that I have a habit...a quirk you could say...of liking a particular song when it's not that "uso" anymore about liking a song that I just heard from a movie?...a movie that I've been dying to watch but was unable to - Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian...and had to be satisfied with buying a pirated disc...yuck! pathetic! really going to buy the video once it's out! and so while watching my not-so-good-really-bad copy of this movie...I liked the song at the end...when the Pevensie siblings went back to their "world"... I browsed the net to look for the song title and its lyrics...

so here it is...

The Call

by Regina Spektor

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
Til it was a battle cry

I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean it's never
Been this way before

All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light

You'll come back
When it's over
No need to say good bye

You'll come back
When it's over
No need to say good bye..

Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
Til they're before your eyes

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye..


prince caspian

and Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) is cute huh

my random quote

I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face...I say to myself, I’ve lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along. -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

my bad luck friday the 13th experience

As my usual...I left school around 7pm...hanep this is becoming a habit!...had to passby the bank to cash in coz I had no cash to get home haha...and when I arrived at SM...I texted my mom to ask if she needs me to do or buy anything (I usually offer that)...and she requested that I buy off I go to Dunkin Donuts...lugging around 3 bags (my shoulder bag, lunch bag and my paper bag with 2 jackets - Adiddas and La Salle)...the store I went to is self service where you get the donuts you like right? I decided to leave my 2 extra bags on an unoccupied table and went and got myself a tray and a dozen to the counter paid for the donuts...left and all that...and I had to run to the tricycle station at the back of SM coz it suddenly rained yikes!...I got home...gave the donuts to my hungry kasambahay haha...and was getting clothes to change into...when suddenly!...OMG! where's my jacket? did I place it on my bed with my bag?...gosh! I checked every room I went into upon arriving check if I misplaced it anywhere at home...then it hit me!...OMG! I left it at the mall!...I told my mom I hadf to go back and try to look for it...good thing Ma offered to bring me to SM...grabe...shucks! 2 jacket yun at di sakin ung isa! mahal pa daw un haha....OMG! OMG!....and it was closing time na!!!! waaaa! I rushed in the mall....went back to Dunkin Donuts...they had the grills halfway down na...and they were cleaning up...and as I was catching my breath I hurriedly explain that I left 2 bags there...and she said ..."ay eto na ung may-ari!"...Thank God! andun pa gosh!....I thanked the crew profusely...and rushed outside to my Ma who was waiting at the parking lot...phew! that was close!

I'm really not that superstitious...and I didn't believe in the bad vibes brought on by Friday the 13th...but hmmmm...this simple experience last Friday made me realize that maybe there's some truth to it haha

i need to breathe


the past few days have been...the most-est super as in exag sa eeeccck! di na ko makagalaw sa super haggard ko pagdating palang sa agad di pa ko naka makeup that sort of thing haha....(as if naman nagmakeup ako) buti na lang wash and wear hairstyle ko ngayon and don't care anyway haha

I know this is my only chance to blog about it...and take still in school at work...grabe! twice walang overtime toh huh...grabe! first one to arrive in the office...and last one to leave the office...hanep!

i so miss checking my email...nyak! for sure puno na inbox ko...

i sooo miss texting...waaaaa sa super gipit ako lately...wala akong load! haha buti na langmay chikka txt nyahaha...would you beliee...I hardly check my cp...and just leave them inside my bag...till i check it wen I get home...

susme! is this me? i don't think so...

and it's only been...what... four days since start of classes!?

hanep! and I expect more work...naka schedule na nga lahat ng meetings and errands ko for the next few weeks...months even...


ganito pala feeling ng hectic...

and to think? may time pa ko para magreklamo?!


ang funny lang...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Feels Like Tonight...

I always have my tv automatically set to turn on in the am...tuned in to MTV...and lately the After Hours plays this song of
Daughtry....Feels Like Tonight...

This is "My LSS in the morning"

Feels Like Tonight
by Daughtry
album: Daughtry (2006)

You, you got me
Thinking it'll be alright
You, you told me
Come and take a look inside
You believed me
In every single lie
But I, I failed you this time

And it feels like tonight
I can't believe I'm broken inside
Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do
But try to make it up to you
And it feels like tonight

I was waiting
For the day you'd come around
I was chasing
And nothing was all I found
From the moment you came into my life
You showed me what's right

And it feels like tonight
I can't believe I'm broken inside
Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do
But try to make it up to you
And it feels like tonight

I never felt like this before
Just when I leave, I'm back for more
Nothing else here seems to matter
In these ever-changing days
You're the one thing that remains
I could stay like this forever

And it feels like tonight
I can't believe I'm broken inside
Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do
But try to make it up to you
And it feels like tonight
'Cause there's nothing that I wanna do
But try to make it up to you
And it feels like tonight

Monday, June 2, 2008

music appreciation lessons @ 19East

I sooo miss watching gigs at this venue!....and only Sitti can make me watch there again haha...

When I learned about the Sitti Lights bar tour and saw her slated to perform at 19east...I already penciled it in my there were a lot? of disappointed people? - I for one was - at merk's bar on my birthday haha...Really didn't plan to watch that gig in Makati in the first place...and was eagerly anticipating the one at 19east coz that was - so to speak - my home turf! haha...(that reminds me same time last year I also celebrated my post bday at one of sitti's gig at the mandarin...this is becoming a habit hehe)

enough of that...

So since I'm used to the gigs at 19East...I knew it would start I left the house around 9pm...and less than 3 hours later...after 2 front acts by this lady named Marielle? (discovery of Marissa Sanchez...she's good huh...may future ang girl) and this contestant of the Little Big Star? contest named Patrice... (I really don't like kids singing songs making them too old for their age)...

Sitti finally hits the stage

There were a few new songs - to my ear anyway...was used to hearing her sing her "intro" song - Berimbau...but she started with the song Batucada sa Calesa (tama ba teri?)...then went into Berimbau...and singing songs from her mybossanova album: Ikaw Lamang (special request ng absent na si flora)...Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw...Cross My Heart...and songs from her Sitti Live album: Voce Abuso...Lanca Perfume...Pais Tropical (Sitti exclaimed that it's been eons and light years since she sang this song at gigs)...and the famous song by Sergio Mendes: Put a Little Love Away (unfortunately mJ wasn't around to coach me in jotting down the song titles so forgive me for some minor mistakes hehe) - I first thought this was saving a little love or something....sorry! palpak ako sa name that tune...Alvin & Teri had to help me that night haha - another song from her album...Look of Love....and before the next song she sang a bossa nova version of a birthday song and greeted all the celebrants in the house...yey! and sang my fave of course! the medley - O Pato / Bimbom / So Danco Samba (tama ba mJ? hehe)...then she segued to this song that neither one of us knew the title but I think it was Brazil...

then she called on stage - Radha...grabe! can that girl sing! hanep! saan nya nakukuha powers nya?! ang galing ha! They sang Don't you Worry bout a Thing...and Radha sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys....after that short break...Sitti returned to do 2 more sets!...joke!

the next song...she did say...she was singing just two notes..."It's not..." then all the audience exclaimed...awwwwww!...upon hearing the first lines of the song Nearness of You...another special request now by Mayor Bernabe (yup the mayor of Paranaque was in the house) - Girl form Ipanema...gosh! I missed this!...and rocking the house with the aero expert Mhyk with Magalenha - but of course!...

and when she sang Shaker Song (I really still can't identify this song unless someone tells me haha) she introduced our Sittizens Outreach Project for the Batulao scholars and started passing around the canister...thanks for your generosity!

she ended the night with the all time bossa nova theme song - at least for me - Mas Que Nada...

of course not! she had one more set...joking again!...after being egged on by the crowd to do an encore...she finally gave in to the chanted requests and sang Para Sa Akin....awwwww really?! for me? hehe

so do I really need to do this? what else do you expect? of course I loved the show! plus points to the bandmates Naldy and his egg-shaker-jamming, backup vocals of Adam and JC and of course Steven! wohoo!...I give the guys 4 out of 5 for doing a mean Magalenha! wohoo!...and to Sitti of course...biased ako eh...I did love - and always do - her giddiness and playfulness onstage...esp when she discovered that the mayor of Paranaque was in the house haha...she became all prim and proper after that...not! I give Sitti 11 out of 10 points for her flexibility! - she stretched and extended the canister to the audience from the stage haha (wait for Mia's pics to see what I mean)


click any of the pictures above to see more photos

as they say...ANG HOT!

I seldom use the usual cliche's in my conversations...

heller! and other colloquial words...

but now I really think I can use this expressin after seeing David Cook's Guitar Hero commercial...saw it watching his tv guestng in Jay Leno's show...

as they say...


(this video is of both commercials of David Cook & David Archuleta)