Sunday, October 12, 2008

forgive me...I think I'm an addict

ok let me count the ways why i consider myself an addict lately...

a simple news article enticed me to buy the book...Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer...ask for others about it...eceied some ebooks of he other series...and bought myself the latest book - Breaking Dawn when it hit the bookstores barely a month afterwards...

bought myself a generic mp4 player so I can listen to the audiobooks of...yes you got it - Twilight! - which I downloaded thru would be so inconvenient to burn 11 cd's! goodness! and it only eats up around 800mb anyway...

and finally when the triler just came out the other day...and good thing the disposable" (meaning cheap) generic player i bought - just over the weekend mind you - can play videos...i downloaded the final movie trailer from youtube... and hooked it up in my player! wahaha

and just imagine what I did during the 4 hours i was waiting for my kids to finish their DLSU test yesterday??? haha...went to MOA...checking whether there were other books there (of the Twilight series I mean) found the Twilight book - bought one for the school library (to be reimbursed of course)....wasted my time listening to Twilight on the mp4 player while eating my fave banoffee pie and java chip rap...wherelse but at Starbucks... wellit wasn't a waste for sure...

and I've convinced a lot of my friends and barkada to read the series too!!!


wala grabe...I should be institutionalized!


to see the full movie trailer click here

Twilight hits theathers November 20!

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