Friday, October 17, 2008

healthy discussions with my "former kids"

i don't know why i am surprised...or fascinated even when I discover that i love talking with my "former kids" and catching up on their lives in college (or at work)...but what interests me more is when we have some things in common to talk's either that makes me think younger...or they are just mature for their years...i don't know which haha...

lately you know that i am enthusiastic over this book series i've been reading right - Twilight anyone?...and i've been using that as a conversational gambit...i say to further convince and convert others to reading the series...but to really love reading per se...i may not be a bookworm...coz i don't read various books...i usually just focus on romance novels and no! I'm not a bookworm really...but i can talk about books...and i listen whenever people recommend new books for me to read...oprah's book club eh? haha

and maybe this is the gist of it...but i generally...usually see my former those who are just resigned to reading books because that is what their teachers tell them to do...then i discover that hey! i can learn a few things from the books that they end up reading!...take note only during their free time! hahaha

which is the case for me...i read books during my free time and when i want to escape from reality and relax and immerse myself in a ficitonal sometimes fantastical world of neil gaiman...or the idealistic world of judith mcnaught and nora roberts...and the sometimes realistic and philosophical takes of mitch albom, paulo coehlo and even nicholas sparks!

they read too! bad! to assume that they don't...despite all the nursing books or political science books or accounting books and all those thick ones...well most of my former kids are college graduates already or are about to finish college...and most are currently on their a few have visited me in school...

and with the 2 recent visits (Mylo! you still have to dropby again will give you the audiobook!)...we all talked about books...i introduced my fave as of this season - the Twilight series - to this my most recent visitor - just this am to be exact...and he said sorry I dont want to read that...and here starts one of those healthy discussions I've had in recent memory...naks! kakatuwa so i dont know...pleased to say the least...that I talked with him...and of course we didnt start talking about books hehe...but about his lovelife and the nonexistence of it at the moment! haha...but hey! we ended up talking about something profound for me...he reads books lately thats what he says...and mind you he insisted that he just started reading lately so as maybe to prevent me from bombarding him with book recommendations left and right - which i normally do to help them expand their horizons so to speak hehe - we talked about paulo coehlo - his latest book reads - and even Dan Brown - which we both havent read but know...I recommended that he read The Time Traveler's Wife - which he heard about - and of course Twilight! and have an open mind about it - because I do understand his point and why he doesn't want to read it - because the book paints an entirely almost perfect guy which of course girls would automatically or expect to look for in the next guy she meets or watever - i get his point really - but I want him also to see that i recommend books because of the reading, the plot and the writing - the details...and that he can surpass the "fantastical" world being painted in most books...take note people - books are fiction please get a grip! and don't go around wearing cloaks and the crooked scar on your forehead or go painting urself pale and dreaming of Forks hahaha...and I quite understand...and wow! it was such a pleasure hearing his point of view...

it made my day...

and this is what i will remember most about our conversation this morning:

Stressed? (asking why he crams a lot or would regularly beat the deadline)

Miss, wala akong stress...(showing his bedimpled smile at me)

Huwat?!? Ano pakiulit nga??? goodness!

I don't know whether to praise and admire him for his dsiposition or to hit him in the head for saying something ghastly haha which i think I eventually did! haha

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