Thursday, December 11, 2008

some things I like

another of my usual habits during Thursdays...was going to Starbucks...this used to be my Starbucks day...well unfortunately I hardly go on Thursdays but I still regularly frequent the place anyway...

but yesterday was another reason for dropping by Starbucks ATC coz .... my fave girl is having an acoustic show...gosh! so miss watching SITTI expected I was one of those who applauded the heartiest hehe...galing nya talaga sobra!...

to see more of the pictures click here

and in between watching Sitti...of course I went back and forth to my other fave spot in town...Powerbooks! ...and lo and behold! they have new stocks of the Twilight series!!!!! goodness! I hastily dialled my officemate's number to tell her about it and she convinced me to buy the books for her before the stocks run out again! ...and it was a good thing that I bought the books that night...coz there was a Twilight movie ticket and a single receipt in participating stores can get you raffle coupons! yey! I still have my ATC movie ticket when I watched Twilight the first time!

And another surprise that I had that night was....there really was a DAIRY QUEEN in ATC! OMG! Had another fave rocky road! Kisan had strawberry while my Ma just had a dillie bar haha...pero grabe drool!!!!

oh and my sis had her picture taken with Edward and Bella by the cinema entrance...not the real life one of course...just the poster haha...had my other memorabilia at home anyway so didn't have my pic taken with them anymore haha

So it was obvious I had a fun and enjoyable Thursday with just some of the few things I like...haha

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