Thursday, January 22, 2009

can you feel this

I just discovered that this new song I've been hearing on the radio lately was sung by "Haley" of One Tree Hill


Feel This

by Bethany Joy Galeotti

It's gotta be this one
you Don't have to fake it
You know I can take it
What if I told you
Your tears
Haven't been ignored
And everything
That was taken
Can be restored

Feel this
Can you feel this
My heart beating
Out of my chest
Feel this
Can you feel this
Under my breath

It's gotta be just right
Soul and spirit
Chord and lyric
What if I told you
That innocence is yours
And the beauty you have now
Is brighter than before


Let go, let go of me, let go
Let go of me, let go, let go of me
Let go

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

try and capture me

I was preparing the documents for the echoing seminar we had last Monday... and when I was viewing the shots... it was obvious that I am not used to having my picture taken anymore as you can see in the photos below...

or maybe... my officemate is not used to taking shots of me...since I'm so fidgety and hyper haha
well...either not photogenic...

to see more of the photos click here

Monday, January 19, 2009

things that may not necessarily go together

It wasn't a was a Friday when one of my colleagues, Sheila had a bad day at work...and her stress reliever was to drag us to Starbucks after office...of course I'm always game for anything Starbucks haha...

find the troll haha

But since it's between payday...we were quite strapped fo cash...and so some of us...had to make do with the snacks that we have brought with us...together with the drinks we were obliged to buy from Starbucks haha

The evidence of the quirky "merienda" we had that day can be seen spot the difference? Which does not belong to the group? Connect the dots? haha


This weekend...I had the tv and dvd player all to myself and so I watched the Gossip Girl season 1 (though not the end parts kasi sira un copy) and finished watching season 2 just last night...

and I am fascinated with the baddies in the show...

of course who wouldn't like Serena and Dan and Jenny and all the good ones...

but I kinda like the deviousness and bitchiness of the villains...Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)...

and especially Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick)...

and seeing him wearing this in one of the episodes (pic below)...just made me like him more...who can ever get away with that outfit except him?!?! wahahaha

Friday, January 16, 2009

rollercoaster hairstyle

i just realized something...when I was viewing the homepage of my multiply site (click HERE)...I had a slideshow of pictures with my Sittizens barkada...and I saw my hairstyle then - I had BANGS! when I first met up with these guys! haha
that was...more than a year ago...
gosh! and now I'm back to having bangs...
wala lang....
maybe next time I can have my hair cut in Victoria Beckham short hair haha

Thursday, January 15, 2009

walking on ice

this is a short clip of my humiliation...este my...walking on ice...

captured by Joy!


in fairness...I didn't stay near the railing that much

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i so miss these guys

So as part of the new year...i celebrated it with a meet up

with these guys that I SOOO MISS!!!

skating uli sa MOA

and had dinner at Hooters sa bayside

it was nice to see Katek and Mewi again

and the rest....Arpee and Badet...Bossing, Andres, JP, JT, Caezar, Katek and beau Kyks, Mewi with bro,Joy and labidabs, Ej, mJ and nice meeting Dindo...and the HOOTERS girls hahaha


to view more of the photos above click HERE

check out the parties and photos

I just decided to post all the links to my photo albums here...
Just click on the photo to go to the albums...

had our annual Xmas Party Games in the Guidance Office

Different Decades Christmas Party @ Seton

crashing the party @ Seton South

Monday, January 5, 2009

joyfully single

I was happy to see what my friend Joy gave me for Christmas... I knew from the way it was wrapped that it was a book...yey! and then to see that it was really meant for ME! made it more endearing hehe...
Thanks Joy!
And am reading it every night...not done yet though I'd like to quote one line I just read from the book last night

Dr. Sala made a working definition of love based on different observations...he says that Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person to meet the needs of that one in such a way that demands personal sacrifice...

Love is a decision, a commitment to care...

So true...

what was I up to during the holidays

since I hardly take pictures because I sill don't have a new digicam and my sis grudgingly lends me hers anyway... I have a few pics uploadd in my site lately... I usually wait for others to upload theirs...share their photos with me...and then I either upload them all here...and just choose and blog abou it later...

so let's start with...the Christmas parties and get togethers I've been sequence or order just try and keep up hehe


Most of you guys know that I am a fan of the Twilight serie right?...and am able to form some new online buddies thru the twilightcoven ph blogspot..and they had this Christmas party last November 20...and since I wanted to meet some of them whom I chat with thru gmail and the forums...I said why not?!? no age limit anyway haha...

Twilight Coven PH Admins

so I dragged my officemate Grace...and we went to the party at KFC Megamall...and met with these other guys...finally met Mabelle and Minami and Meann...and the other admins of Twilight Coven PH and had fun watchig all these girls joining in the games and winning some Twilight merchandise hehe...Me and Grace got picked to play too unfortunately we didn't win any prize...

We had to eat and run tho since we both had other errands...I had to rush off to Gateway and meet my gig watch Twilight at Gateway's Digital Cinemaplex wahahaha

thanks Grace for the company


as usual we had our annual Christmas party in school...where we entertain ourselves (as my officemate pinted out) haha... we had a decades theme party...wherein each unit or department is assigned to dress up 70s, 60s, 80s, hiphop 90s and what was assigned to us was the 50s style...

our gangster godfather

the goons

the ladies

Guidance pipol with Ms. Jo

to view more of the photos above click HERE

aside from the getup we also had to prepare presentations based on the era... 50s gangsters, 60s swing, 70s retro, 80s and hiphop and all that... of course we had to do this because there was a cash prize involved...AND WE WON! would you belive it?!?? haha

(there are lotsa pics tho I just placed a few here and will upload more soon I wonder when that would be hehe)


another party we had of course was the one for the Guidance expected we had food....sponsored by the other classes who had their Christmas party that day too (December 18)...and more food...potluck! was Liza, Pat and Ms. Jo's birthday so had a cake for them...

and of course..we had GAMES!!!!!!! gosh! and to think I was so sick...I had to sit out one game where we had to do this scavenger hunt type of game...waaaaa!


and since we all didn't want to go home immediately after our institutional party last December and my officemates wanted to laze around and kill time until we can figure out where we would like to go...

we thought of going to Starbucks.... as usual...from ATC to Philam or to Moa?! and as far as Tagaytay!...then even suggested to just go out for game for anything not in the mood to go home just am game for whatever...

so we ended up attending the after party at Seton South...there were games, more food and free drinks...and videoke! nyahahaha

crashing "Pat's party" at Seton South hehe

syempre bumirit na naman si Melai (duet with Echo)

thanks to Pat and Sir NiƱo (behind us)

to see more of the photos click here

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Heirloom, Manila


Visit the Official Website:

Book Of Days (Original Single Version) - Enya

I've been here too and it's SOOOOO NICE AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! = Kit

i don't drink hot coffee

i know I've learned my lesson before...a lot of times whenever I drink hot coffee...I get an upset stomach...and so smart gal that I am I rarely drink hot coffee...almost never...

trying out my new tumbler

BUT !!!

i know there are exemptions to the rule...mine at this past holiday season, I've been down with a lingering cough... and been trying not to drink cold stuff...yeah right! haha...and have been steering clear of my fave hangout Starbucks...coz I drink only cold coffee there...

but I can't help but go there... temptation! hehe

so the three...or is it four times...yup! four times as of last count...I've ordered hot coffee at Starbucks...all Caffe Mocha too hehe...

and as expected...had upset stomach and difficulty sleeping afterwards

another hot Caffe Mocha for me thanks to mJ


did I mention that my cough did not stop me from having my fave Blizzard from Dairy Queen!?? hahaha

I know I a stubborn child!!!