Saturday, February 28, 2009

my 50 random things (the famous FACEBOOK note-tag)

For those who have a FACEBOOK account...I believe you're familiar by now by the notes and random thoughts your friends tag you with...

this is one note which I really do not plan to do...coz it's too long...and I would rather read what my friends listed down than make my own "25 random things"... I find myself boring haha...

but as you can say... I gave in! and like what my friend did and advised me to do... I doubled it and listed down 50 random things

I placed this one here in my blog sites since I don't want to bother my FB contacts and tag them again there...and this is just for fun! haha

so go ahead and continue reading if you have the time...

Honestly I actually enjoyed writing this...


1. I love the color green...
2. I think I like the color green it because my former crush looked cute wearing that color
I like reading romance novels...and I got started when I was in college – blame my blockmates!

I’m too serious that days can pass without me cracking a smile

5. I think I provoke people with my sarcasm coz deep inside I’m having fun baiting them haha

6. I usually experiment with the latest hairstyles...except for rebonding or straightening but I’ve toyed with that idea...

7. I remember my dad used to kid me by simply calling me and I would approach thinking that he would say something important to me...and he’d simply say: “Take care of your teeth!” (inggit kasi sya dahil sya may false teeth eh)…he did this to me and my sis too…and he does this a lot of times in a day to the point that I get annoyed that the next time he calls I no longer approach him haha..

8. My sister and I used to pull each other’s hair when we were show affection of course! NOT! haha

9. My Ma usually finds the excuse of blaming my buying books and reading till the wee hours for some fault or whatever – “Kaw!... yan kasi kakabasa mo ng libro yan tuloy...etc etc”

10. I'm not an affectionate person...I internally cringe when someone tries to hug me or holds my hand...and it takes extreme effort for me to stand still and just take it haha

11. Ironically there are some friends or people that I kiss or beso whenever I meet them...but I usually don’t do that with my super close friends...go figure!

12. I miss this name ring of mine which hangs on a gold necklace – i used to think that whoever this guy for me I’d give it to him...but well it got snatched! Is that a sign?! Haha

13. I have different groups of friends...which I know might not gel together with each other if we went out all at the same time...gets?!

14. I like the names Joshua, Jonathan, Jeremy, Michael and Nicholas...but haven’t thought of nice girl names except for my name of course haha

15. I like doing a lot of things alone...going to the mall or watching a movie and eating...

16. I would rather observe than participate in a conversation...but at times when I butt in...I usually am being sarcastic haha

17. I’ve maintained long distance friendships with a friend in Guam, one in Texas, one in Phoenix, Arizona and a few in California...thanks to the world wide web! Haha

18. I have a lot of network site accounts and to think I’m no celebrity haha

19. I like going out to gigs or having coffee...spontaneously or at the spur of the those!

20. I think I learned eating dessert with my lunch during the time when I was a teacher coz my co-teachers all had dessert or some fruit with their lunch...

21. Have i told you I like Starbucks?! And even designated a day of the week for going there...

22. I hoard Starbucks table napkins…my mom would even remind me about it whenever she learns I’d be dropping by the place…

23. Before...whenever i’m in a bad mood...or what they call...”na-ba-bad trip!”, I’d order food to be delivered and treat my officemates haha

24. I can be easily provoked before to treat my officemates...stress on the word “before”! haha

25. I’m known in the office for rolling my eyes (nang-iirap) whenever I get irritated or annoyed over something or someone

26. I have a problem with my eyes so whenever my picture is taken I usually don’t look at the camera directly...or just make faces...

27. The last time I had bangs this short is when I was in grade school – too bad I can’t find my old pictures

28. I lost my Prep class picture! I lent it to my teacher for one of the school bulletin board’s collage and she never returned it...

29. I still have my old glasses when I was’s orange rimmed! Haha

30. I sometimes wear glasses whenever I get eye strain from staring at the pc too long...or staying too late and waking early the next day haha – I have 20-20 vision!

31. I had this old toy – a heavy Humpy Dumpy porcelain toy – which my mom accidentally dropped on my head when I was only a few months old – and that’s why I have a problem with my eyes

32. I was fed sampalok at an early age...I even have baby pictures with me eating them

33. I only eat sampalok which I buy whenever we go and visit my relatives in San Pablo – it should be made in Nagcarlan! haha

34. The last vegetable I remember eating is gabi – I don’t eat vegetables anymore except for French fries! Haha

35. My friends who know about my not eating vegetables always kid about what food to order...”Let’s go veggie!....any vegetarian pizza on the menu?”

36. I learned to appreciate music – from the old songs, love songs, jazz, pop, rock, bossa nova and such – but still can ‘t learn to name that tune or song title even after hearing the song for the nth time!

37. I would rather walk than spend a few pesos riding the trike – even when it’s hot! Good exercise I say!

38. I have a strong I don’t usually get fat...despite me eating a lot.

39. I believe in spending money on food ! rather than on hospital bills haha

40. I only consider having ....around 3 intimate friends...

41. My family and I don’t kiss during the “peace be with you” part of the mass...we hardly say “i love you” to each other...tho we show our love in other ways...

42. My Ma affectionately or jokingly calls me and my sis “timang!” whenever we do something stupid of course...which is often haha

43. I don’t cook...I don’t know much domesticated tasks – wash clothes or iron clothes that sort of stuff - so I guess I should marry a chef and hire 3 yayas haha

44. I don’t like talking to children and babies much coz I don’t like doing those baby talk... I usually talk to them straight...and wonder whether they understand me! haha

45. I refuse to call myself a fan of any celebrity...but go right ahead and have temporary mental lapses and admire a few celebrities! Haha...Maybe I just don’t want to be known as a “groupie”

46. I like reminiscing the good old times with close friends...but I usually don’t talk or contribute coz ...I don’t remember much of those so-called memorable hs or college sentimental huh! Hahaha

47. I am most envious of people who are well-travelled...

48. I usually jump from one thought to the next...I usually free associate... blame it on being a Psych graduate! Haha

49. I would rather go home in the morning (after) a late night gimik rather than go home late...I feel safer going home around 2-3am rather than before midnight...go figure!

50. I have a driver’s license and have something to do (every year) on my birthday...but I don’t drive! Useless! Haha

the joys of being alone

I was thinking that of course there are good points to being alone...

1. I can talk and argue with myself without someone berating me or refuting me...

2. I can walk aimlessly inside a mall and window shop...

3. I can watch a movie and criticize it without hearing side comments...

4. I can headbang while listening to music without looking weird...

5. I own my time...and just be idle

6. I can think of random what I’m doing now haha

7. I can people watch and tease and insult other people without getting hurt haha

8. I usually don’t regret shopping for things – inappropriate or otherwise - which I would feel if I was with somebody (specifically my Mom! Haha)

9. I can get pissed off with someone without others stopping me

10. I can learn to be more comfortable with myself which I think is better...

Monday, February 23, 2009

still haven't gotten enough of the Oscars

Unfortunately...we had work yesterday in school... so I wasn't able to watch the live - or was it delayed telecast? - of the 81st Oscars on tv...

I had to make do with the latest pictures of red carpet arrivals uploaded in real

Fortunately my friend gave me a link to a livefeed was able to catch a few scenes from the show...and was able to catch Robert Pattinson in his Oscar debut...yup! I admit it! when it comes to Robert Pattinson I become a fangirl-y type shmuck! and he was sexy and hot in his tux huh in fairness! he really played the sexy brooding vampire and I was staring at him and not at Mickey Rourke when they were introducing the best actor nominees haha

To see a video of that segment click here

now that's what I would call a brooding stare

I so love Kate Beckinsale... she's extremely gorgeous here

two of my favorite vampires chatting it up at an after-party

I just had fun looking through and saving photos...I loved Anne Hathaway! and the black gown of Angelina Jolie was so simple that her green earrings really stood out! and I didn't like the dresses of Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens...I liked the yellow gown of Alicia Keys in the after party...

Anne Hathaway

I didn't like Miley's gown despite it being heavily bejeweled

Penelope's gown reminded me of a beautiful wedding dress without the veil

I especially liked the new format of the Oscars wherein they presented the acting award categories with past winners - 5 of them!...huwow! Did you see Sophia Loren? She is still a bombshell! And I also liked the endearing way Heath Ledger's family accepted his award in behalf of the actor

Kate Winslet being hugged all around by these lovely ladies

Heath Ledger's family accepting his Oscar

A lot of pics after this....mostly those fashionable gowns I liked...or maybe not...and some of the memorable scenes in the show... or maybe not haha...

of course what else can you expect from Angelina Jolie?...spectacular! love the earrings!

I don't know what's with the feathers? or are they petals? on her bodice

Young Hollywood: Rob Pattinson with Zac & Vanessa

Only someone as elegant as Alicia Keys can pull off this number

These kids are so lucky to have walked the red carpet...and won!

Can you recognize Ben Stiller? I thought it was Joaquin Phoenix hehe

a lot have said that this musical number was surely not the best that night

to see that musical number click here

some of the Hot and Sexy Men at the Oscars

Brad Pitt

Zac Efron

Robert Pattinson

Robert Downey Jr.

Kudos! to the Sexiest man alie and Oscar host Hugh Jackman!

To see more of the Hottest Guys at the Oscars just click here


To view more articles on the Oscars you may click on these links:

Entertainment Weekly: Oscar's 13 Best and Worst Moments

People's Style Watch

Entertainment Weekly's Best Dressed


And I also wanted to share one of the early articles posted online among the many articles nowposted...and I'd see whether I would agree with this...after I finally get to watch the Oscars replay later...


Best & Worst of the Oscars: Hugh Jackmania!

Sunday, February 22, 2009 9:00:51 PM PT

Host Hugh Jackman
Host Hugh JackmanE! Online

Oh, man, did you see that moment when that guy did that thing? Don't worry, we did. Read on and get the full story of Oscar's best, worst and otherest.

Best Performance: Even with the slightly forced "recession Oscars" conceit, host Hugh Jackman delivered a completely winning song and dance to open the show that totally made us forget they didn't hire a comedian. Showing off both talent and a sly sense of humor, Jackman nailed it.

Best Lyric From the Opening Song: "I would swim a sea of human excrement." -- Jackman crooning sweet(?)ly to Kate Winslet

worst Transition: From the goofily good opener—the techno Reader representation was more entertaining than the movie—the show bogged down with that somber bunch of Best Supporting Actresses intoning like they were going to banish the winner to the Forbidden Zone with General Zod.

Best Brangelina Quip: Jackman drew our attention to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie before saying, "I don't actually have a joke for them, I'm just contractually required to mention them five times during the show." (Not bad; it's 25 times for us.)

Best Present: Copresenters Steve Martin and Tina Fey, who've been funny together on TV and film, delivered a hilarious tribute to writers that made us want to see them make another movie together. Or, you know, read something.

Best Reaction: Jolie looking totally charmed by her Kung Fu Panda costar Jack Black, who was onstage presenting with that actress from Friends.

Best Twilight Crossover: Rob Pattinson brought that undead charm of his to the Oscars, where it was familiar to Twihards and everyone who's ever had lunch with a Hollywood agent.

Best On-Air Design: Whoever thought to put Daniel Craig and Sarah Jessica Parker on stage together.

Best Reaction: Seth Rogen and James Franco's half-baked response to the comedies of 2008. Dude, cinematographer Jadocs Kaminsky was so high!

Joke Least Likely to Reach the Billion People Around the World: Ben Stiller's crazy, bearded Joaquin Phoenix impersonation was funny, but a little inside considering how few people recognize Stiller anyway.

Assault With a Medley Weapon: The top-hat-and-tails number with Beyoncé, Zac Efron and the rest totally summed up the year in movies. And that year was 1936.

Most Likely to Spawn a "Who's in Your Five?" Commercial: The Best Supporting actor nomination five-way was like a presidential debate without all the humor.

Most Heartbreaking: Heath Ledger's family accepting his award.

Biggest Showstopper: Wirewalker Philippe Petit, the absolutely entertaining subject of documentary Man on Wire, balancing an Oscar on his chin while a billion people watched and wondered if it would fall. But for a man who once spent 45 minutes walking between the Twin Towers, well, that's probably no big deal.

Best Commercial: Coming in just ahead of the one for the website that helps you earn $5K a month working at home, the Tom Cruise-Jimmy Kimmel bit was funny like a house on fire.

Best Make-Good Decision: The loud and fast medley crammed full of action and comic book movies, because let's be honest: These were the best things that Hollywood had to offer last year, and The Dark Knight (not to mention Iron Man) got robbed. Take that, Reader.

Worst Make-Good Decision: After that whole medley thing, the movie about the wrinkly old baby beat Dark Knight and Iron Man. Obviously, there is no justice…except that meted out by costumed heroes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

late night dinner coffee somewhere in Ortigas

finally my friend Jpooh uploaded the pics from our late night coffee dinner thingy
somewhere in Ortigas
in this cafe named...MOZU
my friends were still kinda hungry...and despite
munching on a few of the snacks served at our friend's dad's wake...they still wanted to eat...even at 11pm!
our fish and chips
so why the hell not?....
with the guide of Joy's labidabs...we found this cafe in Ortigas Center...sorry am not that familiar with the's Ortigas! that is outside my realm already haha...
together with my Sittizens friends mJ, Joy and her labidabs, Bossing, JT, Jpooh and AJ...
I had fun catching up on them...
as usual tsismis here and there
to view more of the pics click on the picture above
one thing's for sure...
I am still a Starbucks advocate!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V-day weekend alone - day 3

When I say that I celebrated Valentine's weekend alone...I meant literally...since I had our house all to myself since Friday...that's the reason why I made excuses not to get home early and spend time malling or with friends...

And on my 3rd day...I still had the house to myself...until my Ma and sis arrive back home from Pampanga in the afternoon...and since I don't know how to cook...I had to fend for myself yet after hearing the morning mass...I was battling with myself whether to go to SM and take out food or to eat there and kill more time watching a movie...and then I decided to let the movie lineup decide for myself...

It's been a long time since I watched a movie alone and I missed doing it...and it's a good thing that Underworld The Rise of the Lycans is still showing...yey! though I was early and had to eat lunch first and yup you guess it walk around the mall...

The day before I was browsing through the record bars looking for videos on sale...and I saw and remembered that I still don't have a copy of Meet Joe Black.... I don't know but for some reason I really like that movie...aside from it having Brad Pitt there...his not-so-innocent character there is swoonworthy! it had Anthony Hopkins...goodness! something not so scary like his Silence of the Lambs fame haha...and those 2 guys can just wear their tux superbly! I don't care that some parts may be dragging...heck! the movie is almost 3 hours long goodness! But I don't know...I really enjoyed that movie...I remembered I watched it with my Ma and my Tita and I was literally dragged along and had no inkling what we were going to watch or what the movie was all about...but I liked the cafeteria scene...and the pool scene and the fireworks! haha

So after looking into 2 different record bars...just to compare prices...well they both had the same price for it anyway haha...I ended up buying the DVD...

and next on my list would be Jerry Maguire haha


I was eager to watch Underworld Rise of the Lycans ever since I saw the movie trailer (while watching Twilight! haha) in I can't recall how I got swooped into this universe...I really loved Kate Beckinsale as Selene (I even don't know if I had the spelling right haha) in her tight black pants! even Keanu of The Matrix fame can't be sexier than her haha...I have both the origian and sequel on video...gosh! and just a few weekends ago...incidentally when this 3rd movie started showing...I went through and watched both movies in video again... in anticipation of this 3rd installment!!!...

Yey! Finally I got to watch it... and no...this is no movie review...coz obviously I'd be biased haha... and SPOILER ALERT! this is the you have to watch the 2 movies first before going to see this...and it was a good thing since I'd be more than disappointed because of the ending that would leave the audience "hanging"...

You know what's funny though...and it was a good ting that I was alone while watching this movie...there were a few scenes that made me teary eyed....waaaaaa! SPOILER ALERT!...don't go further haha... the scene where Viktor condemned his own daughter to death was gosh! Bill Nighy's acting was so spot on - he depicted the devastated father figure to the hilt! And I specifically loved the vampires' blue eyes hahaha

This movie will be next on my DVD/VCD buying list once it's out...

Monday, February 16, 2009

V-day weekend alone - day 2

How did you start your Valentine's day?...Well I started it late...too late... I arrived at home only at around 2:30 that morning from my gimik the previous night, right...and Ihad to wake up for work on a Saturday...and yup I arrived 15 minutes late! First time this year! haha and hopefully never again...

So after our regular office work in Seton - it's a good thing Saturday work is just half day - me together with my officemates Liza and Grace thought of killing time at Alabang Town Center... that's more than convenient for me since I really had plans of watching the jazz fest scheduled later that night and planned to really kill time in ATC - either watching a movie or just walking around...

And so we had our lunch...after so much Tempura... finally! it's my first time to eat at this resto!!! (despite me always passing by this resto at SM I don't get the chance to eat there ever) Let's see how it compared fave Tokyo Tokyo...or even to Teriyaki Boy...

Well I enjoyed the seafood...that's the only reason I go to these Japanese restos - to have my regular dose of shrimp...tempura! The tempura here is better than what I usually have in tokyo tokyo...and I liked their tori teriyaki...sweet as expected...Though I don't go for sushi and all that Japanese food - I was otherwise fascinated with the caterpillar roll - it was aesthetically cute! haha...

So yeah I guess it's worth coming back to this resto... will try some other of their bestsellers... soon...

Seafood Ramen

Caterpillar Roll

Tori Teriyaki (chicken) and Mixed Seafood Tempura

Tendon (shrimp rice topping)


One thing I learned this day from my friend Liza is that.... if you want to loosen up a bulging tummy...after having a very FULL-filling and delicious arcade basketball! hahaha...

So to kill more time...and since Liza and Grace still wanted to accompany me at ATC before they leave...we tried out Timezone...oh and have I mentioned it's my first time to play at such a place??? arcades, video games and stuff like that are just not my thing sorry! hahaha

But after watching Liza swish some shots...she urged me to try it...and guess how many points I got!...a whopping 10 points!!! wohoo! hahahaha pathetic!

At least it worked! nawala talaga kabusugan ko! haha

Now the next tging we did I am ashamed of! haha... I am not a singer watsoever... I do not sing!!!...I hardly can carry a tune!!... but being reassured that the videoke booth was I thought...why not?!?! I sincerely hope that nobody I know saw me that I did backup vocals for my friend haha....

to see more of the photos above click HERE


So I still had more time to kill until the jazz fest start at they accompanied me to look for the laptop bag...some big bag I can use for our laptop...but still haven't been able to find one till they had to leave me...

On my own, I exercised and walked around and I mean around ATC searching for that elusive laptop bag...any bag will do...a big shoulder bag to be the one I currently use for that I can place both the laptop and my "other stuff" - stress on the other stuff so it really should be big!! haha

And I finally found this small booth that sells laptop bags, laptop sleeves...different styles, different sizes....wahahaha nylon materials and thick inner protective coverings and all the tune of... 1,300 - 3,000 pesos!!!! wahahaha AYOKO NGA! kamahal ha! susme! will continue my search for that normal bag that will fit my laptop...

OMG! it's pink!

After almost giving up...well by the time I went to Powerbooks and thought of buying a new book instead...I saw this rack near the guessed it! puro sya laptop bags...this techie tote thingy...sorry I forgot the brand name haha...and since the price was within my credit limit wahahaha... I grabbed one and bought it...

Goodness of all places to find my laptop Powerbooks pa?!...oh btw I didn't get to buy me a new book anymore for obvious reasons haha

my sister bought the other 2 bags even before we had a laptop for her own purposes haha


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I planned to watch the jazzfest in ATC...because I knew that Sinosikat? will be performing...among other jazz artists..


this photo taken in Glorietta

Them being the main act, I had to wait and watch this band Dejavu (I think their name was) - three jazz musicians...and they asked someone from the audience to jam with them on keyboards!...and this new band Yosha... (this band am quite familiar since I saw their name listed in the lineup of my friend's show which he produced in route 196) - I specifically liked what the female vocalist was wearing huh...trench coat in high heeled boots haha...and yah their music was commendable! can't say much about them yet since it's the first time I've seen them performed - something new to my ear, something I could watch again, maybe - but by the looks of how the audience received them...well I guess they'll go places if they aren't already haha...

Though I realized one thing that night...after enjoying another wonderful soulful performance by Kat and her 4 bandmates... the so called purist jazz? hmmmm maybe that's something I might learn to enjoy in about...twenty something or so watching of shows hahaha....It might just put me to sleep...the first band almost did...but hey they all sounded pretty good huh

I so miss my music appreciation lessons haha

ESBL SEASON 2 - latest updates

Here's the latest update on the ESBL SEASON 2...

Seen below is the email forwarded to the team reps...

esbl 2

good day ballers!

attached is the presentation material used in the meeting last
saturday, feb. 14. also we would like to inform those who were not
able to attend about the following:

1. opening ceremonies will be on february 28, 2009 10:00 am at the ESS
. please attend in your playing uniform

2. there will be two games. the first will be a demo game with ex PBA
players. four (4) teams will play vs. the PBA players - one for each
quarter. teams to play will be on a draw-of-the-luck basis except the
fourth quarter which will be the privilege of the previous years

the second game will be an official game. playing teams will be
announced on the opening of the fourth quarter of the first game.

3. we informed the attendees that there are 15 teams registered but
there was a very late misunderstanding in one of the teams which was
not properly conveyed. there are actually 16 teams registered.

4. scheduled games will commence immediately on the following sunday,
march 1. ESBL management will give each team a copy of the schedules
and team line-ups for reference. the schedule of games on the
presentation is only for 15 teams. we will give updated schedules but
expect the season to extend up to october 2009.

5. line-ups and fees deadlines have been announced. we will follow
according to schedule. those who have not submitted line-ups will
incur default games until a line-up is given.

6. please be reminded that these games are friendlies and show your
integrity as sportsmen and athletes.

please inform us immediately for any concerns.

thank you and we hope to see everyone on opening day!

ESBL team


Will update you more about the OPENING CEREMONIES ON FEBRUARY 28

V-day weekend alone - day 1

Though I spent Valentine's Day weekend alone...meaning - no date! like the usual haha - I still was with friends...


For the past years...Teachers and Staff Day in Seton is celebrated on Valentine's Day (February 13, Friday since it's a weekday)

dolling up first

So as usual we had a "free day"...where we had the usual mass in the morning...a short presentation courtesy of the Student - Pringles and Oishi Sponge...and a magic show in the afternoon - courtesy of Grade 2 parents - and I won in that raffle prize! huwow! it was a good thing I didn't immediately leave after the magic show hahaha...forfeited kasi un sa iba na natawag un pangalan pero wala dun (they were doing some other stuff...there were other open activities that you can attend and participate in - movie screening of A Very Special Love and a massage and swimming lessons)...
Though this year it was just a so-so celebration of V-day in school...Despite that what made it different was... I won in the raffle!!! haha...and spent it that night as well!!!nyahahaha

The Guidance Pipol during the lunch

our free lunch meal


After work, which was off early at 4pm...I had to rush off to Glorietta to watch the Philippine International Jazz Fest! was the first time for me to watch this show - which is on it's 4th why did I grab this chance?... 1.) it had SITTI on the lineup 2.) it was FREE and 3.) I had nothing else to do (didn't want to go home to an empty house since my family went home to Pampanga for the weekend)

But on the way to Glorietta...I had to go through Landmark...and waaaaa shoes were on sale! so I just had to stop and buy some slippers for my Ma and sis...sort of V-day gift now you know where my raffle cash prize which I won earlier, went to...wahahahaha
The show was superb! fantastic! unique! and wonderful! haha...well not that amazing really! was a different experience for me not that into jazz...maybe some kinds of jazz..not the purist ones I guess...but hey! am always game for a live free show haha...

Don't expect me to list down the songs Sitti sang that night...despite hearing the familiar tunes...I still had difficulty naming them! I thik I'd never learn haha... I recxognized girl from ipanema and magalenha - my fave songs of course - and I really liked her encore song... the 5 feet people song by Ryan Cayabyab! wahahaha...try and guess that one!

The Philippine Internaitonal Jazz fest that night also showcased the Bembol Rockers - which I missed! and Bituin Escalante - she's good huh!...and am planning to watch the next one at Alabang Town Center on Sat (Feb14)

And as expected...had no camera with had to grab some photos...thanks to JT for these...and you can check more photos of Sitti here

am seated way back, Sitti! hehe



If I were to count how much I spent on that Pre-Valentine outing I had...excluding the commute and others...I just spent P220....after watching 2 shows - one in Glorietta - with Sitti and the Bembol Rockers and Bituin Escalante - which is FREE haha...and one concert at the PICC - Rex Smith with his guests Olivia, Faith Cuneta and the Cercados sisters...

So here's the backstory...since I met up with mJ and JT earlier in the week...they mentioned that they had complementary tickets to the Rex Smith concert on Friday (Feb13) I knew that they would have to hurry off to PICC after watching Sitti's spot at Glorietta...we hardly had the chance to chat with Sitti after her show...only mJ went backstage to give her something...and off we went to PICC...had nothing else to do as I said...and was up for anything...even walking to MOA if that's the case...mJ dragged mo along since she was hoping she will be able to ask for another complementary ticket thru her many connections hahaha... but I pressure! I can always do something to kill time...
So together with mJ's sis Martha and JT and this new found Sittizen buddy Chad...we headed off to PICC...was ale to enter the premises...and was anxiously waiting whether I could get in haha...The usherette tore off their tickets while I asked how much the ticket was...if in case I really just had to buy...and she's P1,500...OMG! I was only expecting it to be around the range of P800-P1k...yikes! So mJ hang back and accompanied me while the others went in... but a fewminutes later JT came back...and waved us in...mJ dragged me while the usherette was busy accommodating some other guests...and we rushed off inside the theater....looking for seats! the not so back part of the theater...there a lot of vacant seats there - and they had to sit there since there were no ushers to check the tickets - which I don't have one to show! haha....and once we chose our seats...they cautioned me and said "wag ka na lumabas!" hahaha...
It was so funny...since I haven't watched a concert for free - well except for a few gigs where I was part of the guestlist but that was a long long time ago...and the first part of the show I was still quite anxious about the whole thing...but I then relaxed and enjoyed the show!

And I enjoyed Rex Smith singing his famous songs Simply Jessie, Forever and you Take My Breath Away...and the audience was enthralled when he did a Broadway medley...where he had Olivia do a duet with him on songs from Phantom of the Opera... GOODNESS! goose bumps! ang galing! and scary!... I didn't know Olivia can really hit those crazy high notes!

had to grab onto Rex Smith before his autograph signing outside

Of course after the show...we took the chance to go backstage...and grab some photo opps with Rex Smith and to greet Olivia and congratulate her on the night's magnificent feat! and to thank her for my "complementary pass" wahahaha

backstage with mJ, Olivia and JT


So if you have a late night gimik and your friends request that you stop for around 12am...what should you have...dinner or breakfast?! Just curious haha

dining out at Pier One - my first time

(yikes! sebo!)
Gising Gising


Btw, I arrived home at around 230 AM...and had to wake up for work the next day - oops! that day I mean...and well...I arrived 15 minutes late! wohoo!

well I still enjoyed my Friday night to say the least...alone...or with friends...same deal!