Sunday, February 22, 2009

late night dinner coffee somewhere in Ortigas

finally my friend Jpooh uploaded the pics from our late night coffee dinner thingy
somewhere in Ortigas
in this cafe named...MOZU
my friends were still kinda hungry...and despite
munching on a few of the snacks served at our friend's dad's wake...they still wanted to eat...even at 11pm!
our fish and chips
so why the hell not?....
with the guide of Joy's labidabs...we found this cafe in Ortigas Center...sorry am not that familiar with the's Ortigas! that is outside my realm already haha...
together with my Sittizens friends mJ, Joy and her labidabs, Bossing, JT, Jpooh and AJ...
I had fun catching up on them...
as usual tsismis here and there
to view more of the pics click on the picture above
one thing's for sure...
I am still a Starbucks advocate!

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