Wednesday, February 11, 2009

who you calling street smart?

So I had another Makati adventure last night hahaha...

Despite me confessing to being street smart...this was sorely tested last night as I was travelling to joy's office at Makati Avenue...earlier in the day she gave me directions and since I once worked in Makati not too long of course I'm familiar with the place right?!? I stepped off the bus at Crispa...waited for a jeepney that will traverse Buendia till Edsa coz I know that would be nearer going to Joy's place (I'd be getting down at the intersection of Buendia and Makati ave)...and since I've travelled along that way before...I had no qualms about getting when I saw a jeepney with the sign MRT...I rode that one...but to my horror! to my dismay! it turned right at Ayala Ave.!!! - OMG!!! ANG BOBO! I didn't see the other sign that said Ayala! Busit! I was fuming...and laughing at myself! I had to control myself from verbalizing my rant ...and the passengers might just find me crazy! wahahaha!

So I ended up getting down at Paseo de Roxas...and walking! yup! walking that long stretch till Mandarin Hotel ... till HV dela Costa St....and killing time at a Starbucks at the new BDO bldg there near Joy's office bldg....thank you Starbucks! wahahaha

It was a good thing I was wearing comfortable boots! and that I was not that in a hurry....and that walk afforded me time to REMINISCE!!! OMG! that was the same route I walk to and fro office when I used to work in Makati - and that place changed a lot since my Chinatrust days....haaaay those were the days!

So yeah! I am still street smart....I still arrived where I was supposed to go right?!? Walang kokontra!!!!!! hahahaha

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