Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight my free poster

It's fortunate for the fans in the Philippines - aside from the others who pre-ordered from other retailers like Amazon or Borders I guess - that they got their Twilight DVD earlier, March 20th, than their counterparts in the US which has a release date of March 21...

There are alot of promos and other freebies they're giving away...depending where you pre-ordered your what we got was a movie poster...and I was anxious to see which they would give away coz I wasn't that keen about their movie poster - the one with Edward and Bella only coz Edward really loooked scary there haha...

2-disc special edition

But when my sis arrived yesterday.... she already got the special 2-disc edition we reserved...and goodness! the poster was large huh...I guess the usual size of a movie poster really...and it had all the vampires in it! wohoo!

it was too big to be placed on my wall

it's nice that Edward and Bella are the "glossy" ones

"when you can live forever, what do you live for?"

Now this is what made the poster...a little more fascinating for me...I was drawn to James' clothes...and I while I was zooming on the tag line at the bottom of the poster...I saw the design on James' belt...if you look's a picture of the Virgin Mary...yes it is!...go ahead and check....gosh! Amidst all the interviews and articles and spoilers I've seen and read I never read anything about James' belt having that design...

look closely, it's Her right?

That is SO IRONIC....vampires...??? good vampires?? so ironic really! hahaha

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