Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tuesday Club on a Friday Night

With these group of people...when someone initiates and wants to get together... I seem to always do the follow up - coz if I don't! they would just end up procrastinating... or foregoing it and delaying it till who knows when!

And so when Misty thought of getting the Tuesday Club together again for a "wala lang coffee lang kitakits" even if it isn't a Tuesday (that was a Tuesday i believe)... I harped on and said why not this Friday! since it was a holiday...and most Southern peeps were game! Misty, Gutz, Berns and even Ron showed up even if for a short while... and yup! will have another get together...

Gutz likes candid shots of herself

So another meeting of the Tuesday Club...
which I think should be more aptly called...TIIS - "tang ina i'm single" Club hahaha

Best friends? Berns and Ron

Had fun angsting, ribbing, kidding around and reminscing as usual...

oh and planning a real reunion for our college batch!

Misty no longer bitter

Hope that really pushes through! fingers crossed!

Thanks to Berns and his Canon 400D for these photos which you can see more of here

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