Monday, June 29, 2009

reactivating my old 'alumni visits" photo album

I remembered that I used to have one particular photo album in my multiply site
which collected pictures of my former kids...who are now alumni...
that was way back in 2005...

Iris, Khris, Agnes and Joan dropped by to get their yearbooks

my first batch of kids were fresh hs graduates...and they still wanted to stay connected with their alma mater so to speak...

with Danna

and now...this year...

I recently had alumni visitors...
from different batches!
since I had another batch fresh out of hs - batch 2009!
(no pictures with them so far but will surely get the chance esp when Intrams come again)

and my first batch - who are fresh out of college!
and most are already working!


with Tinsel! Keep in Touch!

incidentally I'm on my 3rd batch of hs kids

to view the photo album click here

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