Sunday, August 9, 2009

when La Salle and Ateneo wore one color

We all know that for the past week, a prominent citizen of our country passed on to meet her Maker - the one we all know as Tita Cory...and what better way to commemorate her is to wear her color - yellow!

And I could not have thought that the day would come that Lasallistas and Atenistas will put down their rivalry even for one game and as one honor the icon of democracy and wear yellow!

Goodness! You can hardly see who were Lasallians and who were from The Ateneo when the cameras panned out in the crowd...Gosh! Such overwhelming show of support for Tita Cory and her family...and her grandchildren who were watching the UAAP game last Sunday, August 9 (9th day of Tita Cory) I bet highly appreciated this gesture ... you can't tell where they were seated, I would not have known if I did not read the twitter updates of @jiggycruz who I believe were seated at the Archers' side of the court ...but hey! you can't hardly tell which side is which except for some sprinkling of blue and green shirts

Huwow! and that was one AWESOME and stressful game! I shouted myself hoarse when the final buzzer for the 4th quarter sounded! but hey! That was a good game Ateneo! Congrats!

To see more photos of us watching the DLSU-ADMU game at National Sports Grill, Greenbelt 3 click here

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