Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a "stress-full" wedding gig

Once again...I'm tasked to being an emcee in my
perpetual emceeing partner's wedding!
of course she can't do the chore now that she's the one getting hitched!

for some reason unknown to me at the time...
this is one of my "stress-full" wedding stints I had recently...


aside from having my tube dress on too tight...
I had a headache that night I was hosting!

and like the couple, I hardly ate more than 3 bites of food - which was good apparently.

and instead of going out with my friends after the wedding..
I ended up going home burning up with fever... for the rest of the week!

Yup! I had dengue!!!
and incidentally the Doctor said/asked...
what kind of stress did I have recently?
coz most stressed people get dengue...
well obviously...the wedding was STRESSFULL
if you can conclude that haha

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