Thursday, September 24, 2009

toy cameras teach me delayed gratification

Ever since I discovered the world of lomography...I was fascinated by the fact that there is no one lomo camera with all the features and settings that you would want...

Case in point chec
k out these:

The first photo is taken by an LC-A - famous for its wide angle lens (and expensive to boot! check it out here) ... The 2nd photo is taken by a Holga bc135 - see the dark rounded corners?...The last photo is taken using a Fisheye camera - one can buy the camera or buy the fisheye lens and attach it to their lomo camera, you just have to check the compatibility of course...

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What makes lomography so expensive is that you would end up buying different toy cameras and accessories to go with it, just to experience the various artistic styles and outputs of the shots you take...and don't forget buying rolls of films and having them processed!!!

So of course you know that I bought my first toy camera - Holga Starter Kit or the Holga 120 CFN and have been gradually getting the feel of it...I'm currently on my 7th roll if I'm not mistaken...

And as my multiply contact (Hi Jennie!) told me...
"you've been bitten!"
coz now I have a new toy camera!

The Supersampler!

When I was searching through lomo sites for my first toy camera, I was already curious about this lomo camera...which has 4-lenses! so just imagine what kind of photos you'd get!

Cool! Gosh! I just got my new camera last Wednesday and was so excited to use matter how complicated it seemed to me... - there's no viewfinder - just that little slip of a square thing at the corner which usually lomo photographers remove anyway - so you don't know where exactly you're aoming at that's why lomography is famous for : shooting at the hip! - and it has a ripcord for advancing film - and no batteries! OMG!
I wondered if I'm taking shots right! And to top it all off! Bummer! I wasted one roll of film haha! oh well!
I guess I didn't follow the instructions in rewinding the film properly...
There's always a first time haha

So I had to wait to get home and put a fresh roll of film - had an extra one at home that time and experimented with the inanimate objects at home! haha ...

And you know thing I've learned with using my toy cameras - the Holga and my new Supersampler - is what I would like to call: delayed gratification!... Since my cameras use film...I really would have to wait for the films to be processed to see how my experiments turned out!
Gosh! I do believe I'll pass the marshmallow test with flying colors for this one haha

Am so excited to see my supersampler shots from my first roll of film!


One look at the quirky-looking Supersampler and you know that it's a camera like no other! This ultra-lightweight, low-maintenance 35mm camera fits perfectly in your hand for spontaneous shooting! Aim the Supersampler at your moving (or non-moving) subject, pull the ripcord, press the tiny button - and voila! You have just "sampled" your subject into four panoramic panels. So how on earth is this possible?! See those four beady eyes nestled in front of its plastic body? Thos are the ultra-talented, super-sharp lenses that slice your image into four panels. Results are wickedly cool if your subject is in hyperactive motion, or if you prefer to shoot non-moving objects, you'll have to do the jumping and moving!

This lightweight shootbox operates without batteries, and needs a high ASA film (we recommend 800 ASA for all lighting conditions) of all kinds - negative, slides, color, or black & white. There are two speeds available - 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo). No need to fuss with focus settings, since it has a fixed focus of 0.3 meter to infinity.

With its portability and convenience, the Supersampler is hailed the "Queen of all Multi-Lensed Cameras." Now you know why!

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