Thursday, October 29, 2009

can i call myself a hobbyist now that i had a lomoshoot?

Ever since mJ invited me to drop by their house during Joy's pre-nup shoot scheduled for October 25, I was more than eager to tinker with my Holga and take lomo shots of the Heirloom! Unfortunately, Joy was caught up with her marriage encounter seminar and had to reschedule - too bad! would have loved to take shots of the corpse bride! hahahaha
Nevertheless mJ still invited us - me and my sis Kisan - over to spend a blistering Sunday experimenting with our lomo cameras...

Armed with my big green bag - lugged along my laptop for free wifi haha - we arrived later than the agreed upon time! Well I did promise that I'd be there by 1pm but we came a half hour later after dropping by Trinoma to buy some snacks for the Juco Family. Took out our digicam first and took some photos outside their house while waiting for the big gate to open...

After a few minutes of setting the laptop and fixing our gadgets, we set to work outside. We had to take advantage of the sunlight since my sister's lomo cameras don't have flash and it's really a limitation of these toy cameras...

We spent around 2 hours outside roaming their house, mJ's mom, Tita Paz was questioning our sanity I guess coz we didn't have caps or umbrellas with us while we were taking shots haha... mJ's dad, Tito Alex, on the other hand gamely described his babies - his plants! Hope my sister learned from him too since Tito Alex admits to being a landscape artist - my sis works in an architectural firm so they kinda talked business a few minutes there which I kinda droned out haha...

After 4 hours I guess, and a short snack courtesy of Tita Paz, and at least 4 rolls of finished films (at least from my cam) we headed home down south (thanks to mJ's sis Marge and Martha for the ride)....

Once home I never felt more tired and satisfied to have a full afternoon

Thanks to mJ and her family... and to the inanimate The Heirloom Manila for letting us play professional photographers for a Sunday afternoon...

So, where to next?


To view "behind the scenes photos" click on the photo below


Here are the links to the photo albums taken during our lomo shoot
last October 25 @ The Heirloom, Manila

Cameras used: Holga Starter Kit (that's me... I mean... mine!), a Supersampler
and a Baby Holga (that's my sister's)

Photos taken using a Baby Holga camera and a 110 mm film

The next set of photos were taken using the Holga with 120mm films (Fuji Pro 400H, Superia, and Provia 100F)

Rusty looking photos

Expected to be my fave of all the albums because the shots turned out GREEN!

Is there someone up there?! Spooky!

One limitation of my holga is that even if it has its own flash it really needs more light esp indoors!
Unfortunately it doesn't have a hotshoe for me to attach a bigger flash.
Oh well... I just pray that my indoor shots turn out clear at least...

Now here are 4 shots of the same spot taken
using my Supersampler and 35mm film.

Now here are my least fave albums
so let's all call them my experimental trial-and-error shots haha

Shots taken outside mostly using my fisheye lens - Dory! hehe

Still don't get the hang of using and rewinding 35mm film used in my Holga so I ended up editing these photos using Photoshop of course!

to view the photo albums just click on any of the photos above or go to


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