Sunday, November 8, 2009

when good music and great food set the tone for a cool couple's wedding

Maybe the unique purple invite with Mario Bros and Princess Toadstool and Pacman (no! not the boxer) as icons should be the dead giveaway for you to expect a non-conventional wedding of Beachbabe and Labidabs Rez...

But I didn't really realize that I was going to enjoy a wedding
(and I was the emcee yet again! and you can just imagine my nerves that night! good thing my co-emcee Jeff was a first-timer which made him more anxious than me which pacified me a little! hehe) this much!

Maybe it was because of the color motif... of course the fave color of the bride - purple... And I saw a lot of ladies not part of the entourage who were gamely in Nazareno color too hehe...

Maybe it was because the bride walked down the aisle to the fave song of Joseph - And I Love Her by The Beatles... hmmmm I don't know the lyrics quite well yet tho the song choice impresses me who is the dominant partner wahaha! kidding!

Maybe because the bride and groom were all smiles and it was evident that they were both relaxed throughout the wedding ceremony... no slip ups during the vows or anything...and the officiating priest Fr. Joel gave a heartfelt sermon too... Nice to see another familiar face in the crowd ...

What else can you expect with the song More Today than Yesterday - Spiral Staircase - performed live by the professional band hired that night - Strum Jam... As the newlywed couple "walked down the aisle" again to the cheerful applause of the guests... everyone just had to dance
to the music too!

I didn't expect that the couple will cook up a BINGO game for their guests!... this is a first time for me... the couple giving back to their guests instead of the usual wedding souvenir...Congrats to the winner of a new Nintendo DS Lite - but of course! haha

And I haven't even mentioned the best part of the wedding for me... THE FOOD!
As they say... one of the things that would be criticized at a wedding would be the food served...

and they did no wrong in choosing OCEANA!


We went back for seconds and thirds of the dessert! Aaaarrggghhhh! and me who doesn't eat dinner much!

Oh and it was an open bar - to the delight of the male guests
or maybe not just them haha

And have I mentioned that their wedding cake was so darn cute! It was too bad they had to slice it for tradition...hey! we didn't get to taste that! haha

And being music afficionados...ehem ehem...haha... the music that night was also fascinating! Thanks to this show band STRUM JAM - who credits their cruise experience - they made the night even more enjoyable! They had such a wide repertoire... they were singing a Boyfriends medley - Dahil Labis Kitang Mahal and all that while the guest were dining...and singing out new contemporary songs the next and expect old songs like those done by EWF too (sorry forgive me but I was too inattentive to list down the songs haha) was such a struggle at least for me - to stop them in mid-song so we can call out numbers and play BINGO haha

But maybe what really made the wedding fun and personal and sincere and relaxed was the couple themselves... their effervescent personality shone through and infected us all and we just had to go along and literally have fun with they celebrated and welcomed more years of wedded bliss from this day forward!

Kudos to Joseph and Joy!
Congratulations and Best of Luck!


for more photos of the wedding of the century..este! just click here

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Update from Tinsel:

ESS HS Batch 2005 Reunion

Who: Lahat ng naging part ng batch 2005(elem,grade school, highschool)

Where: Cedar Bar at bf pque(along aguirre in between tides and central)

When: December 12, 2009 (8pm onwards)

Theme: gold, green and red...

tickets at P350 each. inclusive of drinks,cocktails,pica pica.

for more details contact me: Tinsel:09178848418

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hey Guys!

Your batchmates are planning a reunion this December. If you want to help and participate
please contact Tinsel Fernandez @ 09178848418

Will be helping out too for sure!