Thursday, January 21, 2010

SPIT and coffee on a Thursday night

Spit & coffee. Can u just imagine mixing the two? Unpalatable right?!

But this is what I enjoyed one Thursday night out with my friends last week.

Mewi our good friend now based down under, was in town vacationing and mJ and the rest of the crew got together for a fun night out at Mag-net Cafe Boni Hi Street to catch SPIT - or better known as Silly People's Improv Theater

This is the 2nd time I get to watch SPIT and my 1st time to watch them at Mag-net Boni Hi street... The crowd was different tho but just as enthusiastic as the last time I watched them! Had fun as usual! They are one amazing bunch of serious people! Dedicated to their craft of making fun and having fun, I mean haha

to learn more about SPIT click here


And on to our coffee!

Of course how else do you expect us to end our homecoming getogether for Mewi but to dine and unwind at Starbucks! That is after failing to convince Mewi to sing-along at Mag-net haha...

Thanks Mewi for the coffee

and thanks for the wonderful time together, friends!

and I didn't notice we all had to work the next day haha

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

something to add to my book collection

I am so excited after reading this blogpost by TwilightCovenph that i can't wait and share the giddy news! that I have to just repost it here:

It's about the release of

Twilight: The Graphic Novel!


Twilight: The Graphic Novel
, adapted and illustrated by Korean artist Young Kim, will be
released in 2 volumes. The 2nd volume's release date has yet to be announced. The graphic novel will be released in hardcover, and will retail for US $19.99 (approx. PhP920.56, although this is likely not the local retail price).

to read more click here

I have to go save up on this one!


Twilight: The Graphic Novel contains selected text from Meyer's original novel with illustrations by Korean artist Young Kim. A rare fusion of Asian and Western comic techniques is reflected in this black-and-white graphic novel with color interspersed throughout. Meyer consulted throughout the artistic process and had input on every panel.

"I've enjoyed working on this new interpretation of Twilight," said Meyer. "Young has done an incredible job transforming the words that I have written into beautiful images. The characters and settings are very close to what I was imagining while writing the series."

to read the rest of this article click here

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a familiar face in the Sunday newspaper

I was browsing through the Sunday newspaper...
and quickly went to the Entertainment section - of course!
and then this ad caught my eye - it had a girl and 2 guys...

darn! I had to do a double take coz this girl looks so familiar! I know that face!

And sure enough I just had to read the ad's name to confirm that yup!

It IS someone I know once before!

i excel

And what I liked about the ad is what was written on her shirt: I EXCEL
coz she surely does!

Kudos to you!

Hope to see more of you on billboards next time perhaps?

DISCLAIMER: In no way am I affiliated with the company the ad is promoting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

when will I be a jetsetter?

Let us define shall we
jetsetter (n)
from "Jet set" which is a journalistic term that was used to describe an international social group of wealthy people

a member of the jet set

Synonyms: socialite, one of the in-crowd, one of the beautiful people, one of the glitterati, trendsetter, person about town, member of caf� society, social climber

Hmmmm surely that I AM NOT...

But one can dream right?

And what better way is there but to stage that dream
and capture that in photos!!!

Wonderful photos taken by

Dense Modesto
RJ Nazareno
and their crew

Kudos to them and thanks for this experience!

To view more photos from RJ Nazareno's set click on the photo above

To view Dense Modesto's set click on the photo above

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Jetsetter 2 "Winter Holiday" (open photoshoot)

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