Thursday, January 21, 2010

SPIT and coffee on a Thursday night

Spit & coffee. Can u just imagine mixing the two? Unpalatable right?!

But this is what I enjoyed one Thursday night out with my friends last week.

Mewi our good friend now based down under, was in town vacationing and mJ and the rest of the crew got together for a fun night out at Mag-net Cafe Boni Hi Street to catch SPIT - or better known as Silly People's Improv Theater

This is the 2nd time I get to watch SPIT and my 1st time to watch them at Mag-net Boni Hi street... The crowd was different tho but just as enthusiastic as the last time I watched them! Had fun as usual! They are one amazing bunch of serious people! Dedicated to their craft of making fun and having fun, I mean haha

to learn more about SPIT click here


And on to our coffee!

Of course how else do you expect us to end our homecoming getogether for Mewi but to dine and unwind at Starbucks! That is after failing to convince Mewi to sing-along at Mag-net haha...

Thanks Mewi for the coffee

and thanks for the wonderful time together, friends!

and I didn't notice we all had to work the next day haha

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