Monday, June 7, 2010

my birthday food chronicle

I was looking forward to a different birthday this year
and despite my spontaneous Boracay weekend trip - with my friend Chi
I still kinda felt incomplete in a way coz as shallow as my reason is
I wanted to have a normal birthday cake!
which I realized I didn't get except for this:

I appreciate the sentiment don't get me wrong (thanks Chi )

but as I said I was shallow and wanted a real birthday cake!
but hey! I still got to blow my candle -
as big as the one used during blackouts! wohoo!

So to compensate for my birthday cake

I ended up having
a (almost one) month long celebration
with friends

Mexican food

Soft tacos from MaƱana Mexican resto
right beside Starbucks branch in Station 2, Boracay
(oh and don't forget the margarita )

Now off to eating bar food!


Maybe it was just served hot but I really found it delicious
Can't you guys tell?

I also had the spicy chicken fingers which was delicious too!
No photo of that though maybe because
we were quite tipsy courtesy of these two

Mojito & Apple Vodka

All thanks to Hey Jude, Boracay Station 2

Good thing I had enough energy to have breakfast the next day

Had to try this Calamansi Muffin
and loved it enough to bring home

I also can't help but pig out on these

and top it off with frozen iced tea!

Hmmmm had enough?

Well not me I guess...
Coz I still had time for...
these new favorites of mine

Will go back for more Sinangag na Sinigang
(or was it Sinigang na Sinangag haha)
and the Seafood Salpicao
and my usual Crispy Binagoongan
Cholesterol overload
at the Kanin Club

Which I was able to ease off with more...
Sugar intake!

Thanks to mJ for my Blizzard

and later that night...
I had an even bigger dinner

and is it real??!

Is this my birthday cake?!
all it lacks is a candle haha

And I'm not even done yet!
I had seafood overload
with another group of friends last weekend...
I told you my birthday was a month long celebration!
- we had another food trippin'
at the uber famous dampa in Macapagal Blvd...

Just imagine how 4 people were able to put away this...

and this


wait! that's not seafood?! haha

and this!

don't we look oh so satisfied after all that?

So yeah...
for my birthday cake...

so who am I to complain haha


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