Sunday, July 25, 2010

my new blogs

Thanks to Blogger's new design templates, which I bet have been in place for weeks or even months now but I only took the time to try out these past couple of days, I now have
3 - 2 old renovated blogs and 1 new one - blogspots.

There's this one you're reading now : Random Thoughts Bin
There's my GREEN site: i like anything GREEN
and my new blogsite which will serve as a photoblog for my lomography multiply site:
My multiply site is still active and will mostly serve as the site for my uploaded photos
and my way of shopping online (have you checked out the Multiply Marketplace?).

All my blogsites have links to each of the other site or to basically some other websites I lurk in
when I don't care to blog.

So there...

Define multitasking...nah! I know people who maintain 5 blogs!

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