Friday, August 27, 2010

Mockingjay, the end of the series - Real or not real?

It's been a while since I made a book review - but don't doubt that I have stopped reading books during my spare time...I just haven't read a book in a long while that I am eager to post and rave about!

Finally MOCKINGJAY! The last of The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins has really riveted me since the first book - The Hunger Games (Thanks to Stephenie Meyer's recommendation on her website) and its cliffhanger of a sequel - Catching Fire - made me, like the rest of the series' fans, eager to read up on the series finale - which was released recently!

Now let me just let it all out - it was AMAZING!


But expect to read her superb writing style - her depictions of the war and its climax and surprising ending - still lots of twists till the very end, the characters' evolution from victor to villain to victim and back again, and a surprise epilogue for me - but it seems rather appropriate and surreal!

Loved it! Kudos to Suzanne Collins and to Katniss!

I can't believe the series has finally ended!
Real or not real?

I give this wonderful ending to the series - 5 stars!


The book that started it all: The Hunger Games

I give this 5 stars!

The cliffhanger of a sequel - Catching Fire

I give this 4 stars!
It made mo so anxious for the final book!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August is Filipino Month

As much as I would want to be true to the observance of Filipino Week (Month) and write this post in complete Filipino - I can't do it! I really am more expressive in English and I'm not a telenovela addict anyway so I wouldn't know what's the common convo nowadays! At least I still use my "po" and "opo"!


Enough of the excuses and let me just post this here...

I wanted to go through the latest adventures of Jollibee!

Incidentally the other day we were talking about this over lunch in the office...
The very famous...

those yuppies and people in Makati
know what this means!

I felt it was so apt for the Filipino Week/Month and all that
so i posted it here!

for more adventures of Jollibee in Canada click


Last August 24, we had our annual KAMPISE during our Filipino Week,
where everyone in school had to come in native Filipino attire.
We, in our office thought of coming in rural attire -
the kimona, baro't saya, think of rural farmers for the boys

When I mean everyone in Seton - I meant everyone!
Even my Korean intern was not spared!
He's seen here tagging along with a nursery student
during the preschool students' parade around school.

Aren't they all cute?!

They're seen here gathered around their "hapag kainan"
as they say their prayers before meals

Our KAMPISE is all about "pistahan" and "pagsasalo" and most of all FOOD!
It was a good thing we passed by the preschool
and saw all these cute kids!
We helped out dishing out their food too!

But as expected there was the cutest of all....

Me and my colleague wanted to bring her home! haha

To view more photos during the KAMPISE click here


I just had to include this...
Quotable quotes:

Me: Ano nga ba kasi ang Tagalog ng consolation prize?
Boss: Pampalubag loob?!
(may punto sya diba?)

Heard in our booth...
"Wow! You win a major prizes!"
(sorry but I can't help but share that! LOL)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

blame it on microblogging - plurk/twitter update #1

The other day, a few of my friends were complaining that I was being left out in a message thread in Facebook and apparently my silence has led to them directing the conversation about me! haha One them even had to resort to texting me so I can get in on the tsismis! Forgive me but lately I have been hibernating from the internet in the sense that I don't have the time or the inclination to blog or go online... As you can see my last blogpost was a few weeks back. I also hardly post here if I am unable to "accessorize" my posts with pictures and I haven't taken pictures that much - add to that i don't have my own digicam and just hoards my sis' (to her ire and consternation! haha)

So I usually just resort to microblogging! Yes, me like the rest of the cyberworld who are too lazy to blah and blah on whatever, just log in online...or even text their "status updates" which I regularly do anyway... Well, that is if there is anything to blah about...

So since this has been "neglected" for a few weeks...I thought maybe I can just compile my "status updates" here