Thursday, September 9, 2010

It used to be Wed/Thursdays, now it's Friday or Saturday

I've been MIA lately in gimmicks. It's either one of 2 things - no time and no spending money - most often it's both to my chagrin! But I'm glad to say that I always find the time and ways to meet up with friends as much as I can...

2 weeks ago, we had Friday off in school to celebrate our school president's birthday with the usual party and eating in Seton

me and my colleagues in the Guidance Unit

That Saturday, I met up with mJ, Joy and Katek! I miss these guys and twas fun catching up! And as expected we did the catching up over dining and Starbucks and picture taking in between

with Ching, mJ, Joy, katek and kiks
(thanks to Joy's Labidabs for taking this photo)

aside from mJ - I really REALLY missed my Starbucks! haha

to view more photos from above
click here


Another group of dear friends that I miss too are my Psychos buddies! Fortunately for us Misty took my usual role of "getogether organizer" and contacted each one of us and set it on the first Friday of September - in Ortigas! Huwat?! Not again! haha But of course it would be to their advantage - Misty who works near Tiendesitas, Gutz who will come from the Fort, Jojoyce from Makati, Za from Manila, Aids who works in Ortigas too (but didn't show up coz he was sick! yah right! haha) and Tzi all the way from Navotas (due to unfortunate circumstances at work was unable to leave too) - waaaaa I'm the only one from down South! If it not for the free ride home (3 of us live down south anyway), I would hesitate from heading for another Ortigas adventure

Add to that - I left straight from work and was welcomed by a downpour when I got down in Megamall! You know the Aegis song...eto ako basang basa sa ulan...walang masisilungan? - good thing I had my trusty umbrella with me coz i had to walk from megamall to Home Depot down in J. Vargas street - I always do since it's faster than riding a taxi or what...

For the first time? no pictures for this getogether! ha! Misty forgot her digicam!
Haha oh well, we enjoyed catching up and gossiping anyway...talking about Babies and Beaver! Say who?! What? haha

So instead of photos, I'd just share the link of the resto where we ate at citywalk, I mean wait! it's Home Depot! haha

Jay-J's Inasal at Home Depot with branches in
Timog Ave., Congressional Ave. and even in Macapagal Ave.


Now this week end, it's another Friday holiday! Muslim holiday - end of Ramadan...and for us it's my little cousin Alyanna's 10th birthday! 10 years old on September 10! Cool! We're heading up to their house for dinner...then tomorrow, it's my sis Kisan's birthday! We might just celebrate it by stalking the RAIN concert in MOA! haha

Wonder if we'll get photos from this long holiday weekend....

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