Monday, September 6, 2010

One Day, Anne had a haircut for a movie

It was all triggered by this recent headline I saw while browsing the internet gossip sites - if I'm not mistaken it was thru Twitter:

The 27-year-old actor has always been a hair trendsetter, having gone from long layers to the Lob (aka the "long bob") in recent years. But this time, she followed the lead of freshly pixied starlets like Emma Watson, who stunned the world earlier this month when she announced via Twitter that she'd gotten a new gamine haircut.

The star hid her tresses under a wig for her new film role.
(this picture is a great version coz now I see what the "sign" says)

Film role??? After checking other websites and links, I read that the film is a movie adaptation of ONE DAY by David Nicholls... Where did I hear that before? Wait! I do believe mJ mentioned something like that...and yup...after wracking my brain, I recalled this was one of the books she recommended and was planning to buy the last time we - mJ, ej and moi - were on a book excursion of sorts! haha...

Initially I too was enticed by the simple byline... Twenty Years, Two People...they meet up one day each year all those twenty years - gah! that is one long relationship huh... Wonder what kind? What would happen to them... dundundundun! haha

So there that triggered it! I blame it all on ANNE! haha

and also I have this penchant for reading the books first before watching the movie adaptation - esp if I hear good reviews about the movie - so that I won't get that disappointed when I watch the movie coz I know I enjoyed the book first - twisted logic? well it works for me... (that reminds me I haven't finished Eat Pray Love yet haha)

I downloaded the ebook - oops sorry! - it was in pub file so had to search for a different type of mobile reader for it! nyahaha...

After sharing it with my "book excursion clubmates" haha, after receiving "rave reviews" from mJ who quickly finished reading it... voila! done reading it too last weekend!


I loved it too!
You know what... my gauge for me to know that I really loved reading a book is when I
get so affected by the characters in the book I'm reading...
GAH! I can surely relate with most of the scenes! Goodness gracious!
I don't know whether to be frustrated or to be dumbfounded because of the scenarios!
The book has a wicked sense of humor and from the most unlikely characters too!
And see... I still can't get over it... and had to blog about it too!

So yeah I do believe I'll buy my book copy of this one...
before a new "movie book cover" comes out...

Now that raises the expectation for the movie adaptation - but hey! Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess? I bet it would be good...

So I give this: 4 STARS and a Polaroid shot!
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