Wednesday, October 27, 2010

definitions & darn doritos - plurk/twitter updates #2

I wonder if you noticed that in the past,
I had a few status updates that started with:
define this or define that...

now here are my latest...


Goodness gracious!
I kept offering him the caramel popcorn
I was eating
and he would not budge!

and speaking of sweets and keeping fit...

I was watching last night's GLEE and...


and we're talking about these abs!!!


thanks to GLEE, I get to watch cable TV
usually only every Wednesday nights...
(and a few episodes of Ellen of course)

and I got to catch this entertainment news show after GLEE...
which made me remember this old movie


among other movies that I would want to buy on DVD...

now maybe that was what
I was thinking about
early this morning...

well...among other things of course


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