Wednesday, October 27, 2010

definitions & darn doritos - plurk/twitter updates #2

I wonder if you noticed that in the past,
I had a few status updates that started with:
define this or define that...

now here are my latest...


Goodness gracious!
I kept offering him the caramel popcorn
I was eating
and he would not budge!

and speaking of sweets and keeping fit...

I was watching last night's GLEE and...


and we're talking about these abs!!!


thanks to GLEE, I get to watch cable TV
usually only every Wednesday nights...
(and a few episodes of Ellen of course)

and I got to catch this entertainment news show after GLEE...
which made me remember this old movie


among other movies that I would want to buy on DVD...

now maybe that was what
I was thinking about
early this morning...

well...among other things of course


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's play photo caption: bottomless iced tea

My good friend Dana - who is one of the 2 people who still call me by my old name! - was in Manila for a short vacation... and as expected of a balikbayan, her schedule is full with reunions and kitakits with close friends and classmates...

Good thing she was able to squeeze in a meet-up with a few gradeschool batch mates - after - aghast! arriving straight from her trip to Coron! and she was to leave for the US in 2 days! GAH! She really maximized her time haha

Now can you think of a photo caption for this one?
It's too funny that I can't stop laughing to think of one!


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Complete the sentence: If you were single/married...

This was Monster Radio RX 93.1 Morning Rush TOP 10 today:
the top 10 answers to the statement
"If you(I) were single or married..."

And one single entry that I remembered was this one...
The sender said, If I were single... Wait - I am! (and with a great big lonely sigh)
You should have heard this for you to know what I mean! haha

And then I recalled that there is this latest song I've been hearing on the radio
- which I kinda like coz, I can surely relate!

Waiter by Eevee

Ok fine... to show you that I'm not that too bitter...
here's one of my LSS...
a good cover of a Mariah Carey song by Miguel Escueta

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's play photo caption: guess that song

In our office, we try to spice up our tedious seminars by coming up with games...
For this year, Sheila and I thought of a simple charades game for our officemates...
What made the game a little more challenging is that the group players had to alternate in acting out the song titles (that's our category for the whole game - from 70s to contemporary songs)
within a span of 2 minutes as I - the designated timer - close this partition till time's up!

Too bad there was no video recording of some of the rounds - maybe you could have had a better picture of how the game went...
It was surely fun! Esp for us game masters! haha

So try guessing the song title:

reminds me of this song by Hagibis or maybe a children's song? haha

superhero? flight attendant?

Guess this superhero....I mean song title! haha

If you can't guess this one! Goodness gracious!

I think he was trying to look for the piece of paper he dropped haha


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(when we finally gotten down to more serious business)

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

10.10.10 - fun run moments

October 10, 2010...10.10.10 - This was supposed to be my wedding date - wait! before you misunderstand, me and my college friends jokingly set our wedding dates a few months back and thought that this wold be a lucky date (I bet based on feng shui or something) - but I digress...

Instead of celebrating a wedding that will never happen on this day - at least for me...
I joined the Run for the Pasig River organized by ABS-CBN Foundation which is an annual fundraising event to generate funds to clean Ilog Pasig...

And wow! The number as of last news update of ABS-CBN news website - 175,000 people participated in the run! and they plan to set a new Guinness Record for the most people in a foot race.

But of course despite that...the real purpose of this fun run is to help rehabilitate Pasig River - such a worthy cause indeed!

to see more of the news article click here

My fun run moments:

1. My alarm woke me up at 3:45 am this morning

2. With my Elmo backpack , it's small enough for my things

3. Thank goodness traffic was light when I got to Baclaran

4. Chatted with this lady going alone to the fun run

5. All (immediate) roads to MOA were closed by around 5:15!

6. With this lady we walked from Roxas Blvd corner Edsa

7. Students were blocking the road as far as Blue Wave!

8. We got to the starting point in the nick of time!

9. I finished the 3k race and clocked in 31 mins

10. Got my finisher's badge and even saw Manny Pacquiao too!

(I wonder if you noticed that there 10 words
in each of my 10 fun run moments! haha)

Too bad I didn't have a digicam with me and was only able to get in some photo opps when I met up with my friend Noel and his buddies after the run - where else but at Starbucks! haha

So this is the only photo I got as a souvenir of the event

I expect to get "tagged" in Facebook once the photos are uploaded! Yey!

(updated October 11, 530pm)
And speaking of tagging photos in Facebook...
here are just a few from Noel's fitness buddy Lara's FB photo album
(thanks for the tag Lara)

I started the race just when they were counting down! gah!

The TIMEX clock said 31 minutes approx when I crossed the finish line

Where else do we unwind but at the nearest Starbucks!

here with Noel - proof that I really participated! haha

Want more proof?
How about this photo with
the one and only
Rio Dela Cruz
(famous in the runners circle)

So there... that's my momentous 10.10.10

What's yours?


If you want to share your photo blog for 10.10.10 and win a prize check out this site for more details: Azrael's Merryland: Share your 10.10.10 photo blog moment here and win prize