Wednesday, May 25, 2011

united colors of my birthday

My favorite color!
and the color of my fave hangout place Starbucks

reviving my Starbucks Thursdays
(thanks to Catz & Yatz for this photo)

A true blooded Lasalista like me would
have been caught dead first before wearing such a shirt
esp in a DLSU-ADMU game!
(good luck with that!)

But you have to admit I look nice in blue !
(sabi ni Sitti! haha)

I may not be that superstitious but I usually
wear this color during my birthday
to usher in more luck and blessings!

this is my BEFORE picture
(before a pitcher of mojito and
shots of "bad boy", whatever that is!)

this is the AFTER picture
well just a few hours after "napping"...
who would want to sleep away her birthday right?!

Look Ma! No hangover!


to view photos of my days long (haha) celebration
click on the photos below

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