Monday, December 12, 2011

Photo caption: the money LOMO shot

I miss taking photos using my Holga... 
good thing that my sis took the initiative and used my lomo camera 
during our recent trip to Coron, Palawan and took pictures...

and this is what I call the money shot - the best in the set!

Siete Pecados

And here are a few more
Banol Beach

trekking up Mt. Tapyas
view from the top of Mt. Tapyas
(or at least midway haha)

island hopping

to view the rest of the photos taken by my sis 
(shown in photo below) click here

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

we're liking our sofa

There's one thing I've noticed...
My recent group pics with my close buddies 
have a sofa as its backdrop/taken with us sitting on a sofa

Taken at Hotel Intercontinental
during our getogether for our balikbayan MC

Taken during our latest getogether...
oh and someone fell off a sofa too...
well not really but it was still a chair! haha

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Tis the season of....!"

I know that finally... 
it's the Christmas season...
By the tremendous traffic jam around the metro!!!!
Goodness gracious!

so here's to...
the rush hour Christmas Shopping Traffic!!!
Hope you guys survive another season of it :)