Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my latest lss - youtube videos

I'm giving you 2 reasons: first, I miss posting in this blog of mine and what better way to "reactivate it" than by (second) posting my latest lss - youtube videos - because lately, embarrassingly enough - I've been hooked on this what I would like to call my local Robsten - what their fans call them AshRald - I blame it on my officemates who insisted that I watch this specific Tagalog movie! Kinda long story but... that's what I've been doing to kill time... watch youtube videos of them for my "kilig dose" haha...

And one of those vids - this one in particular - led me to this song by Barbra Streisand... 
it's a very nice wedding song :) haha

Barbra Streisand - All of My Life

Another "kilig vid" brought me back to my fave Adele and her song Rumor Has It but her latest song is what really ... GAH! Just watch it!

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

And the rest are just few of the youtube vids I had to download just so I can convert them to mp3! haha

What I liked about this video is the main character of course :)

Ed Sheeran - Lego House

This song has been playing on the radio for quite some time
but it never really caught my interest at first
because I knew they were by a a boy band - and I mean teens!
But when I saw the lyrics...huh! I kinda like it now
(actually it was this fanmade vid that made me look for this song haha)

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

And now... let's include some OPM shall we...

And yes another fanmade vid led me to this song which I didn't know was OPM
and that it's the new CloseUp theme song...
(forgive me but I hardly watch TV! GAH!)

Never the Strangers - Moving Closer

And this lady I would really really love to watch perform LIVE!!!
It is very rare to hear a unique voice like hers in OPM...
This is her song which I consider my anthem lately haha

Zia Quizon - Dear Lonely

Look at what we got in the mail

Thanks to my sis for the treat, since I'm really on a tight budget 
and thought that I wouldn't be able to go and watch 

Are you guys ready for summer?

I bet you guys will take advantage of the long weekend vacation...
Enjoy it while it lasts...