Monday, June 18, 2012

Melbourne... Day and Night

This is Melbourne 

During the day...

photos taken using my digicam

photos courtesy of my friend Loricel's dslr


This is Melbourne...

When the sun sets...

photos taken using my digicam from way up EurekaDeck 

The best shot for me

Photos courtesy of my friend Loricel

Vineyard hopping in Barossa Valley

If there's such a thing as bar hopping or club hopping...

Well what I experienced one Sunday in Adelaide...

in Barossa Valley, 

the wine region of South Australia 

is what I would like to call...
wine cellar hopping!


Maggie Beer's Farm

Checking out their wine cellar

Jacob's Creek's "museum of wine production"

Friday, June 8, 2012

Passenger side view mirror

Objects in the Mirror
Appear closer than they appear....

Though in the case of the next series of photos...
more blurred... or out of focus...

Photos taken by a trigger happy passenger using a Nikon D5100
up the hills of Adelaide, South Australia

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A road trip food trip!

One Saturday during my trip to Adelaide, South Australia, me and my friend MC went on a road trip up the hills of Adelaide... which based on these photos... turned out to be more of a food trip! Well... we stopped and took photos at least of the food hahaha

Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

Taste in Hahndorf

another shop

no, we didn't go in! LOL

Just because this ice cream shop's pretty!


See how long I had my ice cream!

still not done with my ice cream


look at my right hand! cone still there! LOL

Melba's Chocolate Factory

I'm in chocolate heaven!

chocolates for the weight conscious

please read 

There was a Cheese Farm right next door

free taste! yum!

Photos taken by MC and her wonderful Nikon dslr (I really think it's a D5100)