Sunday, December 30, 2012

White Elephant Exchange Gift

Among all the Christmas gift giving traditions, one which I've been enjoying ever since it was introduced to me is the "white elephant"...
This is where you bring along something as your exchange gift but it should be some "junk" or "recycled" gift or something that's been with you that you haven't used (even opened) and won't be using anymore - in the hope that someone else can find your "junk" or recycled gift useful :)
For us though aside from this recycled gift, you should also have a "regular" exchange gift and when I say regular, it's something new that you bought for the purpose of the... You get it right?

So to briefly explain the mechanics (which incidentally we've argued and modified the last time we had it) all the participants randomly choose the "sequence" of how you're picking your gifts...
We have all the gifts piled at the center... The 1st person chooses 2 gifts and opens both for everyone else to see... The 2nd person gets to choose whether to pick his gifts from the pile or STEAL the gift of the 1st person! and if your gift is stolen, you can pick again from the pile or from the opened gÍfts "at play"... The gift can only be stolen "twÍce"!...
and so whoever is that 2nd person stealing that sÀme item will be the final owner...gets? Are you still with me? Haha

Can you just imagine...
It's bad if you're the 1st person... Or even the last person... Or esp if someone else stole the gift you're eyeing!
It's hard to explain and more fun to experience firsthand!

And in the 3 years I've had the "whÍte elephant" with the "Óld gang" we still keep modifying the mecHanics! FÓr sure next year... Iba na naman gagawin nÀmin at mabubuhaÝ na naman si "Mr. Inday" hahaha - sorry insiders' joke :)

And this is what I STOLE!!!
I may not be a "geek" but gosh I couldn't resist them!
So thanks for these!

Oh and...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
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