Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rallying The Filipino spirit in photos

We can get through this

United as one

the Filipino Spirit... 

Overwhelmingly strong

Supporters... Encompassing

We will survive

We will recover

In God's will

photos credited to original owners

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Watched OneRepublic... Mission accomplished

OneRepublic is undoubtedly One of.. if not my most favorite band!
I remember swearing to myself (even during the days when Apologize was hitting the charts) that once they come to Manila I will surely watch their concert... 
Finally! Mission accomplished! and amidst the traffic jammed Edsa thank goodness I came just in time (incidentally,this is the first time I've been "late" to a concert good thing they started late too, well almost)

Good news I took A LOT of pictures of course - using both my BlackBerry and digicam (which I'm too lazy to organize and just posted them all)

Bad news - I'm seated far enough to get blurry photos as expected and also that I am one giant leap away from my sister (blame it on miscommunication from the ticket seller)

Nevertheless it was ONE GREAT SHOW!
from no less than Ryan Tedder and his band (just had to mention that haha)
and I expect to watch them again when they come back for another concert!

For the rest of the blurry photos :)
you may view it on my FB here