Friday, March 28, 2008

music appreciation lessons @ Mag:Net Cafe

I am not really a fan of performing artists...i am not an expert...i really just appreciate...and i even end up giving noncommittal, sometimes unenthusiastic comments just so I can say something about the artist and his music...sometimes I even reserve judgment and say that his music is OK despite his numerous platinum records and sold out shows or whatever...hanep! harsh critic ba? I don't think so...just someone who is not-so-quite-indifferent when it comes to music...

But...I am so open to exploring new genres...I listen to alot of music naman...though I can't tell which is which...wahahaha...I especially can't tell who sang this...what's the song's title and it's lyrics...what happens is...what I that what attracts my attention is the melody and not the lyrics...I learn of the song's lyrics and meaning when I really have listened to the song over and over again...(reminded me of this one song that I liked...i just recently realized it's a song of the other woman for her lover...saving all my love for you...wahaha)

And so...(haba ng intro na toh ah kainis)

I thought of just blogging about what I thought of the performers during Musik Lokal's sponsored gig at Mag:net Cafe Bonifacio Hi-Street...

I was invited through text by 2 of my friends...they said that our other friend invited us to watch this gig happening that night...150 entrance fee to watch a lot of performers like Cynthia Alexander, Taken by Cars, Typecast, Pedicab and Radioactive Sago Project (who?! di ko sila kilalang lahat wahaha)...and I texted the master mind and I asked her..."hey I heard you're inviting us to watch this gig this a hoax? wahahaha" and she replied..."yup it's true"'s a hoax nga...nyahahaha

So anyway...since I had nothing to do and Makati was like...a few rides away from school so kahit ma-late ako kasi gabi naman magumpisa ang mga gigs na ganun...and since mura lang naman ang entrance fee why not?! mukhang sulit naman kasi daming performers...kuripot ba?! nyahaha...

So off I Mag:net Cafe Bonifacio travel going there is an adventure in itself already and will tell you about it in a seprate blog... who's up first?

At around 10:30pm? (huwat?! hanep!) Cynthia Alexander took the stage...ok so my buddies told me that this is the sister of Joey Ayala...and with her getup and facial features one can assume that too...but ok fine, I sat there and listened to her tuning and setting up her guitar...hmmm...will I be moved or what?...honestly after 4 songs (I know she sang at least 4 songs haha) I didn't understand a word she sang...but that's irrelevant for me since I so liked her voice and how she delivered and performed...gets?...I was head banging and dancing to her music in no time...hmmm...I just can't recall...she reminds me of a foreign act kasi haaaay...anyway...for me she is like the English singing version of Grace Nono rating for her...5 out of 8 haha

Cynthia Alexander

Next in line is this noisy, senses-shattering band (had to grab this term from Jeff haha) named Typecast...stereotypical of them to be dressed in black with their unruly mop of hair...and even from a far I know they're not cute boys wahaha...mind yu though...i was head banging to their music...and yup you guessed it...I truly did not understand one word from their songs wahaha...I do believe that was when my headache miraculously disappeared...but when they sang this song wherein the vocalist was eating his mic and really speaking the language of the underworld i believe...that reaffirm my conviction that nope I am not a fan of noisy rock bands I rate these guys...4 out of 10 haha


Now the next performer was surprising to say the's been awhile since I've watched a band with a female vocalist...perform live I mean...and hmmm...more peculiar to hear the lady go...are you ready to ride with us?...naks! Taken By Cars ...I wonder why they chose the name...I think from all the performances that night...the most intriguing for me...and one which I might go out and search and buy their cd is of this band's hehe on 2nd thought magDL muna ko mp3 nila nyahaha...I just failed to ask for the title of the 3rd song they sang nyahaha...dapat pala gumawa ako ng playlist rating is 4 out of 5... uy! tumataas...

Taken By Cars


And I was so thrilled to discover that the next band was Urbandub! wohoo! it's a given that I like their music...and don't expect me to know the titles and lyrics...basta ang masasabi ko lang yan ang isang emo band na gusto ko...I think it's because of their English songs...and I find that unique in an opm band...meron ba silang Tagalog song?...and it was during this time when the people were literally up on their feet...dancing and head banging...and singing along with the band...hanep! dami nilang fans dun!...napuno talaga ung lugar nung sila na ang nasa I rate them 11 out of 10 wahahaha...galing eh!


My LSS that night...was Sandwich singing Zaido...that was their first song as we were leaving the place...pero hey! I know too that they're one great band as well...kaya lang ang pangit ni Mong nung gabing yun kainis! nyahaha


Thursday, March 27, 2008

say it through pictures

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to

2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box.

3. Use only the first page (...NOT!)

4. Insert the picture into your Blog.


1. What is your current relationship status?

Being Alone doesn\'t have to be Lonley....

2. What is your current mood?
emotional wreck wahaha


3. Who is your favorite band/artist?

Not really fave...but I like the songs and music of...

bamboo band urbandub sitti


4. What is your favorite movie?

300mr and mrs smithserendipity

5. What kind of pet do you have?

Stray Cats

...but would also like to have a...

pwede ito na lang?Keanu Reeves

6. Where do you live?


7. Where do you work?

8. What do you look like?
Photobucket ,sexy
which do you think? haha

9. What do you drive?Photobucket sorry I did not understand the quesiton haha

but soon... i would like to drive this...

Bmw X5

10. What did you do last night?

sleep, sweet sleep! Mc


The Meeting

11. What is your favorite TV show?showSSS...
American Idol House

12. Describe yourself



be, be, be,

13. What are you doing today?


14. What is your name?

15. What is your favorite candy?

tic tac


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

first time @ mag:net cafe

It's been a long while...though it is a first for me...huh gulo noh

I went to this bar (it was my first time there too)...with a great lineup of performers...though I'm not familiar with most of them hehe...and paid just a minimal fee...with free hear a female soul country singer...a loud head banging new band...hip "Cranberries" sounding band (female kasi vocalist eh...and one of my fave English singing opm band....(had to leave so wasn't able to sing along to Zaido hehe)

What was the first for me?...seeing a large crowd of opm enthusiasts...I told my buddies last night...that it was a first for me to watch a gig...with an SRO capacity...and most of the people there were standing on their seats swaying and howling at their fave performers...

I sooo miss listening to loud music like's been a while...sobra...

Open House @ Elizabeth Seton School

Will use my blog to promote our school's

OPEN HOUSE on April 5, Saturday, 8:00am-12:00nn

Monday, March 24, 2008

Papaya Dance on ABC's Good Morning America

OMG! ang galing rin ng Pinoy makaisip ng trend wahahaha
saw this post in my kid's multiply site...
pati Good Morning America nakisayaw sa Papaya Dance nyahaha

you can also view it at

i don't drink hot coffee

It's weird how i love going and spending so much time in Starbucks every time I go out on a gimik with friends...but I don't drink hot coffee...

based on stomach does not like hot coffee haha...
i remember...during the school's presentation in CCP for the nth time ... On Wings of Music was the title of the show...and as part of day 2's backstage crew...I had to stay and check out the food for all the participants (students and employees)...and there was this Nescafe (uy! plugging!) booth stationed backstage (part of our sponsors for the show) that gave out free coffee of course...what's even funnier was that the male faculty would have cuploads of coffee because those handing out the drinks were pretty women clad like a waiter but wearing mini-skirts (basta gets nyo na yun itsura! kungdi malisyoso kayo masyado!) and these women only had stools to sit on and that for the they were standing up most of the time...susme! katawa tlga mga lalakeng yun...nagkape lang para mpalapit sa mga Nescafe' ladies haha...

so anyway...not only male faculty had a taste of the coffee of me and my colleagues who were assigned that day...had our cups...and the show was so long - 2 hours...add to that the kids' call time and after show stuff...that totals...around half! - we were there almost the whole day! what else can we do once the show is starting and kids have eaten their food...but wait...and have coffee! ...and there I discovered...after 2 cups of hot coffee....yikes! dun ko talaga naramdaman kumulo ang tiyan ko...sobra!...I was telling my (former officemate) Elaine about it...and she who is a coffee addict told baka di ako hiyang...ha! ya think?!

so after more hot coffee...even if there were times...during meetings in school or I really need to wake up and make myself a hot cup of coffee...I get a jolt from my stomach every time...reminding me that I should not drink hot coffee...waaaaa.... what will I do with this then? hahaha

Saturday, March 22, 2008

forced choices

I remember my college professor, Sir Bob's (he's now Dr. Bob PhD) habit of asking us "analytical questions" as part of our discussions in psychology, theories of personalities or basic psych theories classes that he used to teach's simple really but it's so difficult for us to give honest or straight answers for most of his questions without us of course divulging or exposing our true selves...haha thats the thing! it's a matter of honesty and trust among classmates/blockmates...and learning from each other in the process...

and one of his fave are his "forced choices"...he would ask you to choose...between 2 options...and you JUST HAVE ifs or looking into the motives or consequences...the most honest and spontaneous answers are the accepted ones...

these are usually what we psychos barkadas mostly talk about...and we would expect such "forced choice" questions from Sir Bob whenever he joins us in our inuman sessions haha...

and so...I was browsing through the multiply...and for the past few weeks i've been seeing this "survey" being answered by my kids...and this piqued my interest - esp the few questions and made me recall of Sir Bob's habit and our "laglagan moments" during our psychos inuman sessions...

so here it thought: (I edited few of the items in the "survey")

Which is more difficult:
To let go everything or forget what

Would you rather shout to the world and show that you're angry or quietly isolate yourself and your animosity?

Would you rather know when you're about to leave this earth or go on living as carefree as you've been doing?

If you knew about your "time limit" on earth...would you tell someone else or not?

Would you give 100 wishes for the world or spend 3 wishes for yourself?

Would you rather have...a person's love...or a person's trust?

Would you rather stay a friend or befriend someone new?

Would you rather be naive and afraid or ruthless and brave?

Would you sleep and have a dreamless sleep or stay awake and perpetually daydream?

Which is more difficult for you...telling someone you love them or telling them that you don't/cant love them back?

Hirap ba? haha kaya di ko sinagutan eh...akin na lang yun haha

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

melting in the heat

You know that it's really March in the calendar...
it's blistering hot during this month!
I can not recall a Holy Week celebration wherein it rained...can you?

You know that it's the summer season once again in this side of the world...
longer days...sunnier skies...drier wind...
perspiration blotting your upper lip despite the air conditioning in your office...
if only we can report for work in a string bikini

I so want to dive into the next body of water
and drench myself for days...weeks...months even...
haha such an exaggeration huh

Unfortunately...unlike the rest of the population in school...
and like the rest of the workforce...
we don't have a long summer vacation...
add to that we have Saturday work

If only the beach is a stone's throw away from the office...
I would have a tan by now...
(Like my color is not that dark yet)

That reminds me...
we have a swiming pool in school...
I guess that would work

still haven't decided

still haven't decided what kind of posts I'll be placing here...

it could be reviews...movies...restos...but i don't usually go out that much...

it could be links to other sites I go to whenever I'm online...hey! it shows how many idle time I have huh...that's not good hehe

it could be music reviews...yikes! and here I say am not a music expert...tsktsk...

it could be a montage of photos...ever since I got my digicam...I've snapping away...unfortunately I am mostly not in the pics I take haha...


or even just posts of funny youtube vids...
that's a lot...ken lee...will ferell's landlord...

still don't know really...

maybe whatever strikes my fancy huh...