Saturday, March 22, 2008

forced choices

I remember my college professor, Sir Bob's (he's now Dr. Bob PhD) habit of asking us "analytical questions" as part of our discussions in psychology, theories of personalities or basic psych theories classes that he used to teach's simple really but it's so difficult for us to give honest or straight answers for most of his questions without us of course divulging or exposing our true selves...haha thats the thing! it's a matter of honesty and trust among classmates/blockmates...and learning from each other in the process...

and one of his fave are his "forced choices"...he would ask you to choose...between 2 options...and you JUST HAVE ifs or looking into the motives or consequences...the most honest and spontaneous answers are the accepted ones...

these are usually what we psychos barkadas mostly talk about...and we would expect such "forced choice" questions from Sir Bob whenever he joins us in our inuman sessions haha...

and so...I was browsing through the multiply...and for the past few weeks i've been seeing this "survey" being answered by my kids...and this piqued my interest - esp the few questions and made me recall of Sir Bob's habit and our "laglagan moments" during our psychos inuman sessions...

so here it thought: (I edited few of the items in the "survey")

Which is more difficult:
To let go everything or forget what

Would you rather shout to the world and show that you're angry or quietly isolate yourself and your animosity?

Would you rather know when you're about to leave this earth or go on living as carefree as you've been doing?

If you knew about your "time limit" on earth...would you tell someone else or not?

Would you give 100 wishes for the world or spend 3 wishes for yourself?

Would you rather have...a person's love...or a person's trust?

Would you rather stay a friend or befriend someone new?

Would you rather be naive and afraid or ruthless and brave?

Would you sleep and have a dreamless sleep or stay awake and perpetually daydream?

Which is more difficult for you...telling someone you love them or telling them that you don't/cant love them back?

Hirap ba? haha kaya di ko sinagutan eh...akin na lang yun haha
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