Monday, October 27, 2008

of things last...and first

would it be my last time to accompany my kids to their college entrance test?

and like every time this year that I've accompanied my always drizzled a bit in the morning last Sunday...had to leave early for school...and just spent time waiting till our assembly time of usual there were annoying students who can't seem to follow simple instructions of bringing along reply slips and informing me beforehand...oh was a good thing we left on the dot...arrived at UST...quite early.,..but waaaa! traffic sa may Dapitan haha...of course there were people and students who took the am test and were going was a good thing our school bus was allowed inside the campus...and we wer able to drop off the kids at the venue...then the waiting was a good thing I had Jayson and Pat (other counselors) for company...just imagine wasting 4 hours to wait for their test to be's not nice waiting you know haha...and then what's more irritating is that not all of them were dismissed at the same time coz some were required to take an extra test because of their course choice (architecture and fine arts courses)...and we left...well around 630pm already i believe...and of course the kids just had to have a Mcdo near Bluewave...didn't have the appetite by then...just waited for them again...and went on our way home...if I'm not mistaken we arrived at 730pm...ho-hum and there were classes the next day wahaha


I'm not used to pampering myself...they said you should really take care of yourself...well what I do to "take care" of by indulgin in eating a lot...whenever I have the urge to...but I've never thought of pampering just imagne...last was my first time to have a foot spa at this officemates all wanted to have theirs after this strenuous activity/game we had in the office and beside the fact that it was payday haha...we indulged ourselves and had a foot spa...parang girls night out was affordable naman so why not??...and it was...memorable! wahahah am not used to that really...and it was so ticklish! i really had to talk myself into not laughing out that loud since my other officemate was doing all the laughing - she was that ticklish everyone else in the parlor was staring haha - exag!
and they suggested that this should be a regular know having your foot 2 weeks or once a month...regularly... this won't be the last huh?
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