Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shapeshifter b Taken by Cars

If you can of he OPM bands that I like...though I hardly listen to them nowadays...but I still like Taken by Cars ...and what is well poignant for me in a their song...Shapeshifter...not because of the lyrics...which of course I don't quite understand unless i research and jot it down hehe...but the title - SHAPESHIFTER reminded me of the mIRC - say what?!? what's that?!? haha - chatname I used a long long time ago...I know! that's obsolete I guess...we're into the YM and plurk and all that...i don't think there's still a mIRC haha...anyway it just made me recall...those were the days haha...

and of course...after hearing and seeing the video...and reading the made me like this song even more...Kudos! to the makers of this vid and to Taken by Cars!



Taken by Cars

I can hear your conscience fall apart
As I start to feel lonesome
I can feel the walls start to close in on me,
Maybe I can make you want to drown
As I stare into your soul
Can the present make it all turn mean?

And if I fall,
May the high place bring me down…

I’ll never need a
I’ll never need a
I’ll never need a
Another sign
No I’ll never need a
I’ll never need a
I’ll never need another lie from you

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