Monday, December 29, 2008

such a wonderful surprise

for the past few weeks my sister told me - and later on my dad said over the phone - that he planned to give us a laptop. Of course I had my doubts and did not expect much. I was saying that OK when it comes - thanks! but would not keep my hopes up that much until it arrives.

so today... my sister met up with my dad's "delivery guy" and she brought home our new laptop... an HP pavillon dv5 model of some sorts... we're still trying to figure it out esp since its working on windows vista! and a 110v plug! but hey! at least we have something to do over the new year haha

thanks dad!


and you know how I love anything Starbucks right?!

so this Holiday season I got myself 2 new mugs! or tumbler I should say...

one was from our office Christmas wishlist... as expected it was part of my wishlist hehe

and the other I just received this afternoon!
all the way from JAPAN! together with little knickknacks haha

thanks KATEK!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

peer pressure

I've been meaning to blog about this but I just keep on forgetting...and my ire over it has passed I'm not that passionately repulsed by the idea anymore...
but still I'd like to share my ideas when I was a little annoyed about it...

a few weekends back...I attended this birthday party of my inaanak...this son of my hs friend...and of course I met up with my close hs friends right...and of course what else do you expect?...catching up on stuff...and esp on the love life of people...or the nonexistence of it...and these friends of mine...osrt of ganged up on me...coz I was the only one left who's other friend has a new boyfriend - tho younger than her - and this prodded my other friend to go and say why not look for someone younger too like since I work in a schol and all that......OMG! ano ba?!? I already get that kind of ribbing from my college barkada - and I just laugh t off every time they suggest such a thing! hahaha

and the next day I chatted with my other barkada...this guy barkada of mine...who's single too...pero it doesn't matter much to guys anyway - double standards and all that!
and I shared with him my annoyance...well it was really funny at first how my friends kept on "encouraging" to go FIND A BOYFRIEND! as if that's easy!!!! goodness!
and hence my YM status message for that day - nag order na ko noh kaso OUT OF STOCK! ( in answer to the Q: bakit wala pa ako boyfriend)...

and this smart friend of mine said...yeah I get that too... I get that kind of PEER PRESSURE!

OMG! he is so right!...

Now how do you handle your peer pressure?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's cute here

this is rather cute...a short interview with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart during one of their stop in Paris promoting their movie Twilight

thanks to for this one...

they hardly answered any of the questions...but it's still funny and cute haha

random thoughts and just some new things

just wanted to list down some of the new statements, thoughts or words that have been part of our intellectual conversation in our office pantry for the past few days...or just about anywhere where I pick up this mundane or quirky new words from my friends and colleagues...and I just don't want to forget...that there are just a lot of things you learn everyday haha...


latest quote: let's ditch!

aside from having memorized most of the lines from the Twilight series and from the movie...after watching it for the nth time...this is one of my fave quote the past few days...esp nowadays that the season is so makes one too lazy to get out of bed...and when I arrive in the office...all I want to do is get back home...wahahaha


it pays to be blunt...

I wonder if you have ever guys who are in a relationship...or before going into a you guys ask the guy some very blunt questions....and I mean almost razor sharp questions's like laying down all the cards and whatever your expectations that you won't end up comparing this new girl with your ex-es...

I know you'd hardly understand what I'm talking about...but this is what I learned from my officemate...who has a habit of asking her fiance' some very frank questions...which fortunately enough for her is being answered in honesty ain't a problem with them at least...


define - German cut


I think only the boys would know what I'm referring to...

enough said


define - people watching

this is very self-explanatory I know...but I also think it depends to who you're referring to...or to whom you're attribuing this habit or attitude...coz if you would ask one of my Sittizen friend...I remember that's what he does whenever he goes to Starbucks...people watch...simply that!...sipping his coffee, wasting his time and just watching the pople go in and out the coffee shop while shedding off his jetlag (my Sittizen friends know who I'm talking about I think)....

and since we're talking about Starbucks anyway...the best place to people watch! hands down....

and I especially found out...last weekend...when I was with my college barkada...after a latenight dinner...of course we headed off to Starbucks MOA bayside to in till the wee hours...and as expected there were still people awake...night owls like ourselves...people of various shapes and sizes....

it was so funny...coz...these barkada I mean...can't help but comment on the people who come in and out of the coffee shop...and to think we were seated near the counter! so we could really be overheard if your ears were sharp enough...

if we were paparazzis! we could have a field day...snapping pictures of the unique and different fashion and style that graced that Starbucks branch that night...gawd!

there were ladies in cocktail dresses....all black lace...and wearing flat slippers! haha

there were the call center people...well...that's what I assume because they looked all ready to go back to 1am?!?? haha

there were also people there...who just got out of bed...and thought of passing by I guess they just live around the corner...if you know what I mean haha

and we saw BARNEY there as well!???! we were laughing our ass off (exag ba?!??)...this big guy was wearing a dark violet polo shirt...hence...Barney!

and there were girls there....who came - according to my friend - from a bolero party! hahaha

grabe! I really do think we weren't that vicious when we were in college haha!

some things I like

another of my usual habits during Thursdays...was going to Starbucks...this used to be my Starbucks day...well unfortunately I hardly go on Thursdays but I still regularly frequent the place anyway...

but yesterday was another reason for dropping by Starbucks ATC coz .... my fave girl is having an acoustic show...gosh! so miss watching SITTI expected I was one of those who applauded the heartiest hehe...galing nya talaga sobra!...

to see more of the pictures click here

and in between watching Sitti...of course I went back and forth to my other fave spot in town...Powerbooks! ...and lo and behold! they have new stocks of the Twilight series!!!!! goodness! I hastily dialled my officemate's number to tell her about it and she convinced me to buy the books for her before the stocks run out again! ...and it was a good thing that I bought the books that night...coz there was a Twilight movie ticket and a single receipt in participating stores can get you raffle coupons! yey! I still have my ATC movie ticket when I watched Twilight the first time!

And another surprise that I had that night was....there really was a DAIRY QUEEN in ATC! OMG! Had another fave rocky road! Kisan had strawberry while my Ma just had a dillie bar haha...pero grabe drool!!!!

oh and my sis had her picture taken with Edward and Bella by the cinema entrance...not the real life one of course...just the poster haha...had my other memorabilia at home anyway so didn't have my pic taken with them anymore haha

So it was obvious I had a fun and enjoyable Thursday with just some of the few things I like...haha

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a 3 day talk on relationships

this will be a long one i think and might just take 3 days to finish haha...but I so wanted to blog about this one before I forget...


define - free agent

Last Saturday...we (together with 2 other college barkada) attended our barkada's wedding in Tagaytay...and I was riding with the ultimate single guy! haha...coz up until now he is still single...and we keep on wondering why that is and he hasn;t found a new one after his last serious anyway...since it was only the 2 of us in his BMW wahaha... I had the time to grill him on his semi-non-existent love life...and he goes and spout it...that he isn't single...that he is simply a FREE AGENT!

haha go figure!

now that sounds better than "it's complicated" in your friendster account


Mr & Mrs. Erick and Sheryll Pulumbarit
(guess who the free agent is in this picture hehe)

with Misty, the bridesmaid (when will we be brides?)


Is being a devil's advocate synonymous to doing reverse psychology?

So last Sunday...after watching another movie... I was waiting for my gimik buddy to arrive from his "errand"... which later on I discovered... was not an errand after all but a date... and here's the deal...his date was not with his girlfriend! Haha I had to prod him... my natural curiosity of course... and asked him about his date... and even chastised him and said why he didn't tell me about it in the first place so that he didn't have to rush off and meet me...we could always reschedule our gimiks... that's what I said ... but of course I was thinking a whole different thing - like! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!? YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! wahahaha - and I was wondering if all my questions were making him uncomfortable or at least guilty over what he did...

but no!...obviously... I even asked when is your next date huh??
and he simply answered nothing scheduled yet...and I asked how about your gf?...
hmmmmm was all he answered....well suffice it to say he's kind of confused reminded me of this one blog here...where people tend to stray when they seem to feel that there is something lacking in the relationship or in the person they are with...oh well

too bad for him!

define - karma



define - sorting out your options

I learned this from my Tita last's been a long time since we visited my dad's relatives in San Pablo, we took time off during the Monday holiday and dropped by to check on my lola is quite sick though and would need a lot of lolo is still the same old...old person hehe...and everyone else there were just catching up on old times...I even can't recall when was the last itme we went there... I think it was last Christmas even haha...blame it on fuel price increases!

and so...this Tita of mine...well actually almost all of my Titas there were asking about me and my know our lovelife...or the nonexistence of it...haha...they kept asking when we would get married?!? haha...and I just answered...I really have to find me a groom first right? haha
and as we were leaving...this is how my Tita bid me farewell...aside from the usual adieu...she goes...

Kit dapat ngayon nag so-sort ka na ng options mo...
Ilan taon ka na ba?
Lapit na po ako mag 30 (next year to be exact haha)..
Oh yun dapat maghanap ka na dyan....dapat gawin mo ngayong sorting lang ng choices mo...hahahah
Po?!? Parang ang dali nun ah...Eh kayo diba...ilan taon na po kayo nun kinasal?
31 ako nun hehe....
Hayaan nyo po...andyan lang yun kung sino man sya di ko lan pa sya nakikita haha....

If I only did not respect my elders...I would have walked out on my Tita! wahahaha kidding! it was funny really...though kinda desperate...haha