Monday, December 29, 2008

such a wonderful surprise

for the past few weeks my sister told me - and later on my dad said over the phone - that he planned to give us a laptop. Of course I had my doubts and did not expect much. I was saying that OK when it comes - thanks! but would not keep my hopes up that much until it arrives.

so today... my sister met up with my dad's "delivery guy" and she brought home our new laptop... an HP pavillon dv5 model of some sorts... we're still trying to figure it out esp since its working on windows vista! and a 110v plug! but hey! at least we have something to do over the new year haha

thanks dad!


and you know how I love anything Starbucks right?!

so this Holiday season I got myself 2 new mugs! or tumbler I should say...

one was from our office Christmas wishlist... as expected it was part of my wishlist hehe

and the other I just received this afternoon!
all the way from JAPAN! together with little knickknacks haha

thanks KATEK!!!

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