Monday, February 16, 2009

ESBL SEASON 2 - latest updates

Here's the latest update on the ESBL SEASON 2...

Seen below is the email forwarded to the team reps...

esbl 2

good day ballers!

attached is the presentation material used in the meeting last
saturday, feb. 14. also we would like to inform those who were not
able to attend about the following:

1. opening ceremonies will be on february 28, 2009 10:00 am at the ESS
. please attend in your playing uniform

2. there will be two games. the first will be a demo game with ex PBA
players. four (4) teams will play vs. the PBA players - one for each
quarter. teams to play will be on a draw-of-the-luck basis except the
fourth quarter which will be the privilege of the previous years

the second game will be an official game. playing teams will be
announced on the opening of the fourth quarter of the first game.

3. we informed the attendees that there are 15 teams registered but
there was a very late misunderstanding in one of the teams which was
not properly conveyed. there are actually 16 teams registered.

4. scheduled games will commence immediately on the following sunday,
march 1. ESBL management will give each team a copy of the schedules
and team line-ups for reference. the schedule of games on the
presentation is only for 15 teams. we will give updated schedules but
expect the season to extend up to october 2009.

5. line-ups and fees deadlines have been announced. we will follow
according to schedule. those who have not submitted line-ups will
incur default games until a line-up is given.

6. please be reminded that these games are friendlies and show your
integrity as sportsmen and athletes.

please inform us immediately for any concerns.

thank you and we hope to see everyone on opening day!

ESBL team


Will update you more about the OPENING CEREMONIES ON FEBRUARY 28

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