Monday, February 16, 2009

V-day weekend alone - day 1

Though I spent Valentine's Day weekend alone...meaning - no date! like the usual haha - I still was with friends...


For the past years...Teachers and Staff Day in Seton is celebrated on Valentine's Day (February 13, Friday since it's a weekday)

dolling up first

So as usual we had a "free day"...where we had the usual mass in the morning...a short presentation courtesy of the Student - Pringles and Oishi Sponge...and a magic show in the afternoon - courtesy of Grade 2 parents - and I won in that raffle prize! huwow! it was a good thing I didn't immediately leave after the magic show hahaha...forfeited kasi un sa iba na natawag un pangalan pero wala dun (they were doing some other stuff...there were other open activities that you can attend and participate in - movie screening of A Very Special Love and a massage and swimming lessons)...
Though this year it was just a so-so celebration of V-day in school...Despite that what made it different was... I won in the raffle!!! haha...and spent it that night as well!!!nyahahaha

The Guidance Pipol during the lunch

our free lunch meal


After work, which was off early at 4pm...I had to rush off to Glorietta to watch the Philippine International Jazz Fest! was the first time for me to watch this show - which is on it's 4th why did I grab this chance?... 1.) it had SITTI on the lineup 2.) it was FREE and 3.) I had nothing else to do (didn't want to go home to an empty house since my family went home to Pampanga for the weekend)

But on the way to Glorietta...I had to go through Landmark...and waaaaa shoes were on sale! so I just had to stop and buy some slippers for my Ma and sis...sort of V-day gift now you know where my raffle cash prize which I won earlier, went to...wahahahaha
The show was superb! fantastic! unique! and wonderful! haha...well not that amazing really! was a different experience for me not that into jazz...maybe some kinds of jazz..not the purist ones I guess...but hey! am always game for a live free show haha...

Don't expect me to list down the songs Sitti sang that night...despite hearing the familiar tunes...I still had difficulty naming them! I thik I'd never learn haha... I recxognized girl from ipanema and magalenha - my fave songs of course - and I really liked her encore song... the 5 feet people song by Ryan Cayabyab! wahahaha...try and guess that one!

The Philippine Internaitonal Jazz fest that night also showcased the Bembol Rockers - which I missed! and Bituin Escalante - she's good huh!...and am planning to watch the next one at Alabang Town Center on Sat (Feb14)

And as expected...had no camera with had to grab some photos...thanks to JT for these...and you can check more photos of Sitti here

am seated way back, Sitti! hehe



If I were to count how much I spent on that Pre-Valentine outing I had...excluding the commute and others...I just spent P220....after watching 2 shows - one in Glorietta - with Sitti and the Bembol Rockers and Bituin Escalante - which is FREE haha...and one concert at the PICC - Rex Smith with his guests Olivia, Faith Cuneta and the Cercados sisters...

So here's the backstory...since I met up with mJ and JT earlier in the week...they mentioned that they had complementary tickets to the Rex Smith concert on Friday (Feb13) I knew that they would have to hurry off to PICC after watching Sitti's spot at Glorietta...we hardly had the chance to chat with Sitti after her show...only mJ went backstage to give her something...and off we went to PICC...had nothing else to do as I said...and was up for anything...even walking to MOA if that's the case...mJ dragged mo along since she was hoping she will be able to ask for another complementary ticket thru her many connections hahaha... but I pressure! I can always do something to kill time...
So together with mJ's sis Martha and JT and this new found Sittizen buddy Chad...we headed off to PICC...was ale to enter the premises...and was anxiously waiting whether I could get in haha...The usherette tore off their tickets while I asked how much the ticket was...if in case I really just had to buy...and she's P1,500...OMG! I was only expecting it to be around the range of P800-P1k...yikes! So mJ hang back and accompanied me while the others went in... but a fewminutes later JT came back...and waved us in...mJ dragged me while the usherette was busy accommodating some other guests...and we rushed off inside the theater....looking for seats! the not so back part of the theater...there a lot of vacant seats there - and they had to sit there since there were no ushers to check the tickets - which I don't have one to show! haha....and once we chose our seats...they cautioned me and said "wag ka na lumabas!" hahaha...
It was so funny...since I haven't watched a concert for free - well except for a few gigs where I was part of the guestlist but that was a long long time ago...and the first part of the show I was still quite anxious about the whole thing...but I then relaxed and enjoyed the show!

And I enjoyed Rex Smith singing his famous songs Simply Jessie, Forever and you Take My Breath Away...and the audience was enthralled when he did a Broadway medley...where he had Olivia do a duet with him on songs from Phantom of the Opera... GOODNESS! goose bumps! ang galing! and scary!... I didn't know Olivia can really hit those crazy high notes!

had to grab onto Rex Smith before his autograph signing outside

Of course after the show...we took the chance to go backstage...and grab some photo opps with Rex Smith and to greet Olivia and congratulate her on the night's magnificent feat! and to thank her for my "complementary pass" wahahaha

backstage with mJ, Olivia and JT


So if you have a late night gimik and your friends request that you stop for around 12am...what should you have...dinner or breakfast?! Just curious haha

dining out at Pier One - my first time

(yikes! sebo!)
Gising Gising


Btw, I arrived home at around 230 AM...and had to wake up for work the next day - oops! that day I mean...and well...I arrived 15 minutes late! wohoo!

well I still enjoyed my Friday night to say the least...alone...or with friends...same deal!
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