Monday, March 16, 2009

i manage not to arrive late the next day...

I used to have a diary of sorts...well I used my old Starbucks planner to jot down some memorable events in my life...though my last planner was I don't get to jot down things anymore...I rely much on blogging and posting in my sites...

so when I was trying to recall the things I did for the past month...I was stumped haha...well not so much...but I do recall...that almost all Fridays of February and untill recently...I always had some kind of event or some errand...and I arrived home early morning the next day!...and I had work on Saturdays! wahahaha

February 13, Valentine Weekend....watched Sitti at the Jazzfest in Makati..and Rex Smith and Olivia at PICC

to see more of the photos click here

February 27, Attended Charmaine and David's wedding at Calaruega and Sonya's Garden...I arrived early morning the next day as usual

to see more of the photos click here

March 6, Kitakits for Beachbabe's still waiting for her to upload her photos...went trigger happy when I borrowed her camera I guess I'm not in most of the pics...wherever they are haha...

Honestly because of my recent Friday gimiks...I am now looking for some excuse to go and stay out late haha

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