Thursday, March 12, 2009

one of my pet peeves...misspelling my name

one of the things that annoy me is when people misspell my name...of course it's understandable to spell my name Katherine...either with a "K" or a "C"...but why do people automatically spell it with a "C" I wonder?! hahaha

so a few weeks back...a student journalist from De La Salle University...called up the office and wanted to ask for my opinion...of a guidance counselor handling hs seniors...

and I stupidly I assumed they called up coz I was also a Lasalista...nyahaha someone else referred the school...coz they know for a fact that we are a feeder school of La Salle...

so anyway...I forgot about it really...and then my former student chatted me up through Ym and told me she read my feedback in the February issue of The Lasallian... haha so they really put it up huh...

but the first thing that I asked though...

Did they put my name? Wrong spelling?

And my kid said... "Yes miss hehe"

Oh well...

just want to share that even if I saw my name and feedback in the article...well they misspelled my name and...can I sue?!? just kidding!!!!!

sabi nga ni Bob Ong

Pare, isa kang totoong tao at walang halong kasinungalingan. In English, FACT you, pare. Totoo ka. In English, FACT you!

I can't help but be a little peeved hahaha



I was asked whether the drug scandals affect the students' application in


the lasallian article

see how they spelled my name with a "C"

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