Sunday, March 29, 2009

quotes of the night...another Sittizen gigxperience

I remembered a month ago, after watching Rex Smith's concert with mJ and company...we ate at Pier One and on our way there we passed by Bagaberde Roxas...and mJ mentioned that Sitti was scheduled to perform there on March 28... so i PENCILED IT IN! I am not gonna miss that show! haha

I enjoyed myself immensely last Saturday to say the least... my first time at Bagaberde Roxas...and what a way to enjoy that by watching Sitti - together with her guest Arnee Hidalgo and Jeffrey Hidalgo...

it has been such a looong time since the last time I watched her gig! goodness! if I'm not mitaken, the last time was at 19East last May 2008! OMG! that was so long ago!...

Don't expect me to do a run down of the playlist...coz as usual I can't recall the song titles haha...tho I know for a fact she sang around 2 songs that weren't bossa nova songs - mJ! help me out here! haha - I also totally loved the fact that Sitti accommodated my "request" and veered away from her line-up just a little bit...and played my all-time fave O PATO! hahaha I also enjoyed pais tropical... her Mayor Atienza song - Lanca Perfume and Magalenha! aside from her Cafe Bossa songs... Tattoed on My Mind and Hey Look at the Sun among others...

I don't need to spell it out that I loved the show, right?! right!!!


Arnee sings: I try to say goodbye and I choke...Try to walk away and I stumble

Kit: ay! teka...who sang that? Mary J. Blige diba?

mJ: Hindi! Macy Gray!

Kit: Malapit na rin yun...parehong M! haha


Sitti: Happy Easter!

I know for a fact that the show was last March maybe you might be wondering why Sitti greeted us that way - it was too early haha...

Earlier that night, on the way to Bagaberde with aj, I texted Sitti to let her know that I'd be watching her show,...and she replied back showing her enthusiasm - if you can read that thru text haha - saying that: mukhang madaming magreresurrect ngayon ah!

As I said it's been a long time since I last watched her show...and most of us there has been MIA in Sitti's gigs...for one reason or another...Me?! I watch her free shows and other artists' free mall shows...recession and all that! haha and am really quite busy...

well I guess that's about to change now that it's summer again! wohoo!

and I only took a sip from my straw


Aj: What?! Si JP nasa playboy?!

too bad that night, after we all headed out to KFC Bluewave for breakfast!... we discovered that AJ's car had a dent....we believe it happened when we were parked at Bagaberde tsktsk...

but aside from the chatting and catching up on stuff - thanks Noel for the Techyromantics CD! this quote from AJ really was hilarious and capped off the night for me...and too bad for you's for us to know...and for you to guess... haha


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with Arnee and Jeffrey after the show

I miss having my pic taken with this gal

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