Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

"Fancy a Mont Blanc?" :) :)

this quote from the book had me laughing uproariously...coz Mont Blanc is my fave pen - thanks to my Dad! and that is one of the expensive things I bought for myself - the refill to be exact! gosh!...and now I can't look at another Mont Blanc pen the same way again!!!!!! hahaha

but seriously...Sophie this famous author of the Shopaholic series...and these books I've seen a lot of for the longest time..and am not enticed to buy one of my own...until the movie was out - which I haven't seen - and I haven't bought the book yet! haha...but it made me more aware of this author...and now this!

Remember Me? is interesting for me coz the synopsis showed that it's a damsel in distress sort of romantic cool! why the hell not!?I recommend this to people who would fancy a light reading...something to keep their minds off work or whenever they would want to relax and just have a laugh...I love that Brit humor!!!

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