Tuesday, April 14, 2009

old school...new repertoire...same worries

I believe I mentioned before that I have friends who are getting married this year - among the hundreds of brides this year haha...and I accompanied my friend to her wedding gown designer - well it isn't a closed deal yet but it seems a given anyway

But gosh! just listening to them talk shop...I mean talk about wedding preparations...any groom who's financially restricted would gag and or faint at the figures...goodness! This is the first time I've heard how much a wedding dress and entourage package would cost...and by golly! pwede bang ready to wear na lang?! but of course...you only want the best for your wedding right? hahaha... I bet you guys know some figures and designers and I will not bore you anymore... but what really fascinated me that night was how candid the designer Reggie was...he said/she said haha...that it's nice to establish some kind of rapport or friendship with the bride so they could meet everyone's expectations...and be invited to the wedding too! haha... and listening more to them swapping stories of other wedding experiences - not theirs of course but of others - and comparing venues and caterers and all that...was starting to give me this tingly excitement down my spine for my friend's wedding...which she hasn't prepared much for! haha! kidding!


After our stop at her designer...and having another mini burger and tacos at Icebergs (you should have seen this mJ! another Hooters experience haha) we headed off to 19East that night to have... a bottle of CALI SHANDY! woohoo!

I remembered that the first few times when I was watching gigs here... I only drank this non alcoholic beverage...coz aside from me not wanting to drink beer or any alcoholic beverage that time...I really can't stomach drinking San Mig beer or watever kind of beer... but oh well things have changed...haha!

Now that is old school... enough said! haha


The real reason we were at 19East was to watch this gig of my old-favorite band MYMP... gosh! so missed watching them and it was such a treat listening to them perform that night... and it was really apparent from their new repertoire that yup! it's been ages since I last watched them...I think that's roughly 2 years ago! haha

Unfortunately and as expected I wasn't able to name all the songs they played that night.. and Joy was no help either! We just had fun guessing the song title and getting it wrong I believe! haha... I also just had fun going trigger happy with Joy's camera - which photos I would see in roughly by November! haha - and darn! I didn't to catch the green stage lights with my digicam! haha

as expected from my digicam...grainy shots

Throughout their 2nd set... I made an effort and recalled and listed down their songs.. there were a lot of new more recent songs... like I'm Yours by Jason Mraz - this impressed Joy so much and made her proclaim "gusto ko na sila!" haha...and That's What You Get by Paramore - they had fun playing that one! and a few others which I can't name! haha...

But what we enjoyed was their mushy cheesy old school 2nd set!... Aside from singing their usual covers: Power of Two...Especially For You...Everything Little Thing (He Does is Magic)...Piano in the Dark...and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now...we were treated to renditions of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman... Iris by Googoo Dolls - I really didn't guess this one till the middle of the song and to think this is one of my all-time fave songs! goodness! - Fallen... When She Cries? haha another guess that one... and their version of Set You Free (originally done by SideA)... they even asked someone from the crowd to jam with them...and a foreigner gamely went onstage and sang My Girl! nyaha! another old school!... They then finished off with their latest song... Now - a song Joy listens to and just discovered that night who sang it! haha - and their anthem Tell Mew Where It Hurts and finally, Get Me...

Obvioulsy I enjoyed that late Monday night/morning haha! Now I know who else I can drag to watch other MYMP gigs! (calling jeff! haha)

to see more grainy photos click here

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