Tuesday, April 28, 2009

other things to do at a beach outing

I may not frequent the beach during summer vacations that much and I abhor getting a sunburn like the next person...but I do know of OTHER things to do at a beach outing aside from swimming and getting a tan!

take pictures of people, the sites and just about anything

using your dslr camera

or just any other ordinary digicam

there are lots of things to do at any sandy beach

walk along the shore...

or take a piggyback ride...

or just fool around and pose

and have fun while you're at it...

some are even fortunate to catch a sponsored show or beach party by the sandy beach

and what's a beach outing without the physical activities?

the challenging beach volleyball

and an even more exhausting game of dodge ball

or are you game for patintero?

but if those things are too strenuous for you why not try...

playing "bato-bato-pick"

or make a sand castle instead?

maybe some are eager for a different kind of pool...

or are eager to tell scary ghost stories...

though still some are content just to find a quiet spot...

to read a good book

or to simply relax and to contemplate

so whichever you choose to do

just be grateful you had the time for another beach outing...


thanks to rp macatangay and mj juco for the photos


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