Wednesday, May 27, 2009

another music appreciation lessons @ 19East

I get regular gig updates from 19East, and for the month of May I zoomed in on what gigs are set for my birthday weekend...and when I saw that on May 22 there were 3 musicians up - Itchyworms, Julianne and Silent Sanctuary - for a small and affordable entrance fee..and I thought...why the hell not?!

Unfortunately though, since we had dinner first - me together with mJ and Patch - we kinda missed the first set which was Itchyworms! We were having dinner outside the venue which had it's own music blaring in the outside speakers so we didn't realize that the band was already playing inside....By the time we went in - to a not so SRO crowd - they were down to their last 2 songs?! Huwat?! Well it was around 11pm by then anyway...Still the band was good they seem to be just like having a jammin of their own in one of the bandmates' living room haha... Will have to watch them live again to give them a more appropriate "review"

And up next...Julianne! wohoo! It's been a loooooong time since I've seen her perform - live or on TV (which I hardly do much of anyway)...and still she makes each performance endearing and intimate with her soulful and passionate renditions of her originals...We were glad to hear too that she has plans for another album...and she sang her new song "Liwanag" - will watch out for that for sure! Isn't it obvious that she is one of the musicians that I love to watch?

The next band to perform that night was not familiar to me - like all the other bands haha - But Silent Sanctuary amazed me to say the least... I didn't expect that you can mix string instruments - violin and cello - with the usual band instruments of rhythm and bass and all that... At first their songs were too loud for my taste - maybe beacuse they were singing live and the acoustics in the place really amplified their performance - but their songs whihc were mostly in Filipino seemed more heartfelt and "totoo"... I honestly don't like songs "na pang-masa" and those novelty songs coz their too cheesy for me ... but the band's songs were hmmmm worth listening to even if I hardly understood the lyrics haha... maybe this is a sign for me to get a copy of their album and see for myself really...i mean really....Hmmmm.... Silent Sanctuary seems like another band that I can look forward to ...

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