Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Heartwarming Experience in Batulao

Don Bosco Batulao
May 15-17, 2009

I spent an awe-inspiring, fun-filled, enjoyable and enlightening weekend in Don Bosco Batulao with my Sittizens friends and our Don Bosco Batulao scholars. We shared our experiences and had a career orientation-outreach of sorts, wherein we were able to give them an idea of what careers or future they could have once they step out of their schools... The scholars were not the only ones who learned but I admit I learned a lot those days too...

giving what we can

Sitti + Sittizens with the Don Bosco Batulao Scholars


Chapel on the Hill

The place was very conducive for us to find some time to just relax and rediscover ourselves, our spirituality and revel in the love of our Great Father, found in the scenes around us and in the people spendng that weekend with us.

Being an observer, I was priviledged to know more about my friends, their concerns, their likes and peeves and even their corniest jokes!...these opportunities gave me the chance to discover that yup! we have a lot of things in common... that simply - we are all children of our Lord, put on this earth to find our purpose and to live our life to the fullest...


reflections and sharing

even more contemplating

And at the end of the day after all of the seriousness and reflections... You can always expect one thing from us...

Sittizens will be Sittizens
and we'll always find the time to delve deeper and discover more about each other... even to the point of tormenting each other just to get the answers haha...

enjoy, laugh and have fun over the others' antics and spills and fubs...

and to harrass and take snapshots of just about anything and everybody...

Admit it... when all has been said and done...we are camwhores!!!

But hey! I don't hear anyone complaining?!

You know what I am always grateful for... aside from God's love and my family...I am always thankful for having my friends - with whom I will always have good and lasting relationships... Kudos!


Thanks to Mhyk Acosta, JP Manahan and Ivy Alcala for these photos

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