Wednesday, June 10, 2009

first time emceeing a wedding

I'm used to being the emcee in most of our programs and orientation in long as you give me a script to follow and am alright with that... I've hosted a debut before (heya Moogie!) and served as commentator and assisted with the wedding of one of my closest friends (heya Cathy!)...but this is really the first time I've emcee'd for a wedding...

Even before we knew that our officemate Emma was planning for her wedding...I wasn't expecting her to invite us since we've only known each other for roughly 3 years (?)
and puhleez! weddings are too costly right! so I told her not to even invite me anymore to ease up on their expenses...and my other officemate Sheila piped in that if she were to even attend a wedding she better be doing something for it aside from just waiting and eating and "attending" a wedding... so Emma's solution? She got both of us as her reception's hosts! haha

And honestly...I enjoyed myself really... despite the jitters - first time for both of us to be that nervous because of emceeing haha - and even ended up talking about Sheila's wedding and her giving me tips on how she wants it to turn now Sheila assumes I'd be her coordinator for that! Goodness!

This could turn out to be a sideline huh hahaha

Congratulations to Paul & Emma!

The Bride with her emcees
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